Wotofo Serpent Box / Serpent Mini Sub / Conqueror mini / IJOY Exo S

Let me do a quick summary about some stuff I went through in the last few weeks from heavengifts.com:

– The Wotofo Serpent Box with the Serpent Mini Sub
– The IJOY Exo S
– The Wotofo Conqueror Mini

Serpent Box with the Serpent Mini Sub

The Boxmod itself is a little 50W Box with an integrated 2000mAh LiPo supporting Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel and TCR mode (and VW of course :D). Everything over 23mm will overhang – but no one wants to use a bigger tank on this device anyway. Everything that you would expect from it did work pretty fine – fires right away, switching the different modes is easy, you can lock the buttons, switch the screen orientation and such stuff. Ohm reading were accurate enough too.

All in all, I would _not_ recommend this box. Why? I do not get why one would build such a small box in such an awkward shape and in addition the edges are pretty sharp which makes to box very uncomfortable. At least for me :). It is small when you look at it, but as soon as it is in your hand – a reuleaux rx200 feels more comfortable. It is very lightweight but does not make up for the shape in my opinion :). As you can see in this reddit review here – other ppl are highly excited.. so let’s agree that opinions can differ a lot 😉

Having the Serpent Mini Sub on top in this Kit does not improve the overall experience a lot. I like the Serpent mini RTA version – the Subtank version is compatible with the Kangertech SSOCC coils. This is one the one hand a big pro since they are readily available and lots of people like them – I am not one of these and was never before. The horizontal OCC ones were good – I never got warm with the SSOCC. Flavor isn’t very intense – the required wattage to get these coils work best does fit perfect to the 50W serpent box. Other than the coil – where you might be a fan off – the tank is in wotofo-style well build and a nice addition to your kangertech collection.

Take a look here at heavengifts.com!


The Exo S is the smalles brother of the recently released EXOs. They say it can handle MTL and DL .. I only did DL and don’t see this anywhere in the MTL area with the cloudzbro coils included. It comes with a quad coil which goes up to 100W and a single coil up to 80W. Good news here: It is compatible with the TFV8 Baby Beast. A problem I had was that I could not get the top cap off after the first refill. I had to disassemble it completely and use pliers.. I hope I was just unlucky here. Flavor was pretty underwhelming for me. The quad coil does produce big clouds and the flavor that is there was good – just not a lot of it. Fully open, this tank is very very airy. All in all not a bad tank – it seems I am over prebuilds.

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Wotofo Conqueror Mini

The star of this show. I was (and I still am) really impressed with this one. Awesome flavor (on par with my beloved Moonshot), dense and saturated vapor, easy to build on and I hit the perfect wicking on the first try. At first you think it will start to leak – that’s how saturated the vape is all the time. But it doesn’t, not a single drop. Good machining – the post screws make me worry a bit since they are made out of butter. I will see if they still work on my next build. They did do their job on my build and I will report in if they still hold up on the second one. Go for this one!

Take a look here at heavengifts.com!

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