Vapemail: Wotofo The Troll RTA – $24.75

Look who sneaked out before CNY and arrived today: The Wotofo The Troll RTA – available here for $24.75 or here for $23.99.

Whoever at Wotofo thought it is a great idea to use philips head grub screws is wrong – they aren’t. They work so far but I can feel them wearing out already. Other than that you need to have some space between the insulator and your coils – especially when dry firing. Do not overdo it or you have a burnt insulator (but it is a peek one, so you can abuse it a bit. It won’t burn right away).

The flavor is right on point, it wicks great, airflow is nice. Pretty happy so far – will update after I’ve gone through a few tanks. It guzzles juice of course…

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