Kangertech NEBOX for $44.09 + eVic with TRON $44.09 + RX200 $39.59

Another Black Friday offer from 3F, this time for the Kangertech NEBOX for $44.09 after code BlackFriday! The item is in stock and ships in 24h.

Also nice: The Joyetech eVic VTC Mini with TRON Atomizer for $44.09. The VTC is still the biggest surprise for me in 2015 so far.

And don’t forget about the Wismec Reuleaux RX200 offer which is still valid: only $39.59 after code BlackFriday and you are in!

A Kanger SUBOX nano with TC and a Subtank with top-fill? The TOPBOX

There is an updated SUBOX nano as well as an updated Subtank coming, together it is called the Kangertech TOPBOX. Seems to be the SUBOX with TC (60W) and a Subtank nano with top fill (=Toptank) as well as the new SSOCC coils that are known from the NEBOX.

Available for preorder for $47.99 and you can still use the code BlackFriday for 10% off!

510 threading connection;
Temperature Control;
Support 0.1 ohm above;
Variable Wattage: Wattage can be adjusted from 7W 60W;
OLED shows battery level, voltage, wattage and resistance;
Micro USB port;
Short circuit protection;
Overcurrent protection;
Over use 10s protection;
Powered by 1 x 18650 battery (not included)

510 threading connection;
Top filling;
Capacity: 3.2mL;
SSOCC coil: 0.15 Ohm Ni200;
SSOCC coil: 1.5 Ohm

Much offers… Wismec Reuleaux RX200 for $43.37 shipped! & Sigelei Fuchai

I can’t believe there is a new lowest price shipped for the Wismec Reuleaux, this time $43.37 after code XMAS.

Also nice: The Sigelei Fuchai 200W TC in several colors for $55.74.

UPDATE: New record low: $39.59 after code “BlackFriday” 🙂

Take a look at todays summary for more deals!

Kangertech NEBOX – possible workaround for the leaking while charging

There seem to be several issues with the Kangertech NEBOX – one is a slight leaking while charging. Kangertech included a 1A charging – which is a great idea for fast charging your 18650. Unfortunately they did not realize that the cell gets a lot warmer when charging with 1A. This heat messes up the pressure within the integrated tank and this might lead to some juice leaking.

So either charge the 18650 in a dedicated charger or use a 500mAh to prevent this! Laying the NEBOX flat on a table while 1A charging for better heat dissipation might help too.


Aromamizer in black – 6ml and 3ml 2-post versions + SS KBOX

UPDATE: Fasttech activated the MAP coupon code! Use it to bring the price down to around $28-29 🙂

The Aromamizer in black is available for preorder in the 6ml and 3ml version (both 2-post velocity style). Price will come down considerably after coupon code MAP (not working at the time of this post but will be fixed soon.)

Futhermore: The Kangertech KBOX Mini in full SS and with Temperature control for $41.53 after coupon XMAS.

SXK Nebula 200 – $68 – first listing – worth the price?

I am a fan of the SXK Nebula chip and just found the first listing for the new SXK Nebula 200 (looks like the little sister of the VTBox200..).

When I first heard that the price will be around $50-70, I thought this is a bargain. Now with the Reuleaux RX200 (grab it here or here and see the review here) for $44-$48, this is no longer the case. Still nice for sure, but not a bargain.

Lets wait for the first review but keep an eye on this device!

UPDATE: Now at Gearbest too for $64.47!

OneHitWonder – warning and reminder

Seriously, I am addicted. My OneHitWonder liquids were stuck at customs for 2 weeks now, finally I got my package today and can continue vaping my most favorite juice. Maybe it would have been better not to try it, because that gets quite expensive. OHW is around $55 per 180ml bottle, thats $3 per 10ml and is a moderate price. But going through at least 2 bottles per month adds up!

If you don’t want to pay anything but still get the full line (thats 720ml juice), you can enter the giveaway! If you don’t believe in your luck: Use coupon code TRIO when buying at OHW 😉