SXK Nebula 200 – $68 – first listing – worth the price?

I am a fan of the SXK Nebula chip and just found the first listing for the new SXK Nebula 200 (looks like the little sister of the VTBox200..).

When I first heard that the price will be around $50-70, I thought this is a bargain. Now with the Reuleaux RX200 (grab it here or here and see the review here) for $44-$48, this is no longer the case. Still nice for sure, but not a bargain.

Lets wait for the first review but keep an eye on this device!

UPDATE: Now at Gearbest too for $64.47!

OneHitWonder – warning and reminder

Seriously, I am addicted. My OneHitWonder liquids were stuck at customs for 2 weeks now, finally I got my package today and can continue vaping my most favorite juice. Maybe it would have been better not to try it, because that gets quite expensive. OHW is around $55 per 180ml bottle, thats $3 per 10ml and is a moderate price. But going through at least 2 bottles per month adds up!

If you don’t want to pay anything but still get the full line (thats 720ml juice), you can enter the giveaway! If you don’t believe in your luck: Use coupon code TRIO when buying at OHW 😉

Wismec Reuleaux RX200, $61.75 (US only :( )

Wismec released another version of their great Reuleaux but with a 200W Joyetech chip. Not sure if it is good, but it is a great housing and the mod is just $61.75! Available in full black or white/cyan.

Unfortunately US only so far, will search for a good deal for international without shipping costs.

Use coupon code 5%downforyou!