New Setup: Freemax Mesh Pro & Aegis Legend

Yep, I am not dead (yet) – still vaping on the Manta and the VBOY, but its time to take a look into different things. Seems like the hype for mesh style coils is real, so I just ordered the Freemax Mesh Pro (Resin version is currently $20.81 here), some triple coils (around $9 for 3) and the Aegis Legend here (around $50)!

Let’s see if this combo can get me off my Manta 🙂


Thunderhead Creations Tauren / VV Kylin v2

I am still searching for something new and fancy to follow my Manta and stumbled upon this: The Thunderhead Creations THC Tauren Honeycomb RTA (pretty long name) is $22.99 after logging in here. (Just saw it at 2F for $25.49 in case you prefer them). Looks a bit like a Kylin imho.

Talking about the Kylin: The VandyVape Kylin v2 is here for $28.52 after coupon code MAP!

“Authentic” Vicious Ant 200W – $49.99

I like the looks of this one: The “Authentic” Vicious Ant 200W is $49.99 at 3F. Be aware that this is china Vicious Ant and not the one you might know. Someone registered the trademark there and now say “Authentic”… something like this. Funny story…

Nonetheless I am looking for a new mod and this one is on my list. Not sure which chip is in it.

Update with video:

SMOK Species – around $51

The SMOK Species is up for preorder for around $51 at FT and also at 3F. Looks like a successor to the very popular Alien (with dubious quality sometimes). Pretty oldschool with dual 18650, in some nice designs, side fire button, touch screen and centered 510 (finally). Up to 30mm should look good. Take a look at good old RIPs review below.

PS: sorry, I missed the 2 day autumn sale with 10% off at FT 🙁

ENVII Baby Ness Single 2×700 – hot mod, stuck button?

I was pretty excited to see a single cell version of one of my most favorite mods: The ENVII Baby Ness Single 2×700 is listed here for $56.90. The bigger brother is very nice an ergonomic, though the rubbery finish comes of easily.

The smaller version does not seem to have that rubber finish, it is getting hot and the fire button tends to get stuck. At least that’s what Jai Haze reports: