The Sherman RTA – authentic versus Kindbright clone!

I’ve just received the Kindbright Sherman RTA clone ($22.95 here or $21.84 here) and took a quick look and some pictures. Be aware, the pictures are a bit potato and I have not vaped on it, but I think I have some valuable input on the differences. Some quickies:

The packaging is different. The Kindbright one is shorter and smaller in diameter. The package contents are the same: Atty, 2 PEI tanks, long and short chimney, spares. (Authentic on the left):

The machining on the top cap is very close, but a bit more marks on the clone. The threading is crunchy in the last part, but this might go away. The top caps are interchangeable (Authentic on the left):

The chimney part seems to be interchangeable at first, but the one from the clone does not fully thread on the authentic, so nope, the chimneys aren’t compatible. Machining on the decks seems to be very close to the authentic, I can not investigate fully since I do not want to remove the beautiful 4mm coils :). The edges are a tiny bit sharper on the clone, but not really worrisome. Noticeable difference: The airflow holes are a fraction of a mm smaller and slightly misaligned (UPDATE: My airflow ring was assembled the wrong way round – it is perfect now. No misalignment. Changed the orings too = perfect!) (Authentic on the left):

Top view:

Engravings on the bottom are very close but different when looking closely (Authentic on the left):

The PEI tanks have a different color, the clone one has a smoother finish actually! (Authentic on the left):

What is really annoying on the clone has already been said in other reviews: The airflow ring is pretty loose (can be fixed by popping of the bottom of the base and changing the orings), same is true for the orings around the tank section. The PEI tank actually spins and the orings are too loose here too. So I will change them all. Would have been an easy fix in the factory, not sure why Kindbright did not fix that.

All in all, this seems to be a great clone for only around $23! It is not 1:1, more like 1:0.9. Not sure if the Vapeasy version is even closer – but it does not come with the PEI tanks. I might get the Vapeasy too to see if it’s done in the same factory. The authentic one is around $90 (look here, great service and shop).

I love the authentic one and bought a second one, but do understand that you prefer to pay only $23 for the clone and will get most likely the same vape (will throw a build on it soon). Up to you 😉

Will do a follow up of course, this was just a very quick first look.

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