ShenRay VG V5s 23mm 316SS RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer 4.2ML – Black

On Saturday it was time again. The beautiful black VG V5s version of ShenRay has found its way to me. My first impression was for now. WOW. What a quality.

I really looked at the details and couldn’t find a place that was somehow badly worked or something like that. The Atty arrived here completely clean. Even the O-rings are perfect and do NOT need to be replaced.

You really get VERY MUCH for your money. This is still just a great Atty that tastes delicious and makes good clouds.

Now to the details:

4.2ml (with glass) and up to 8ml with the polycarbonate tank.
single coil
top filling
liquid control

Enough talk… let the pictures speak:)



Black Version

Silver Version

Gold Version

Additional Tankshield Black

Additional Tankshield + Drip Tip Silver



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