Hexohm V3 styled mod for $30.97 (up to 180W).

Gearbest listed several Hexohm stlyed mods today (with potentiometer and display, so a “V3”.. or better said the “Storm” to be correct…). So far, this is the best offer I have seen for them: $33.30 and $30.97 after coupon code promoprogb!

Keep an eye on your cell voltage as this one has no low-voltage protection as far as I know. Apart from that, it is a very nice VV (series 18650) mod. It is listed as 150W but might go up to 180W with the correct resistance.

Hexohm V3 styled vs. Authentic Storm .. total confusion

Fasttech listed today another version of the “Authentic Storm Box 150W“, this time named as “Hexohm V3 styled Box 180W“. I have the Storm – it is great and comes in a Hexohm V3 180W packaging… so no clue where exactly there is any difference. The Storm has no low voltage cut-off.. maybe the Hexohm has one. Either way, these seem to be very well machined VV boxes… I will investigate further.

Aromamizer with Velocity styled deck for $33.00

My friends at smogdistro.com have a great deal running – together with affordable international shipping costs. The Aromamizer with the Velocity styled deck is available in a group buy for $33. Shipping costs vary of course – some items have further reduced INTL shipping! This shop is worth a bookmark and have an eye on their group buys!

China is somehow silent in the last few days, so support your local dealers a bit!

That’s embarrassing Gearbest – they listed the Aqua V3

Gearbest listed the Aqua V3 .. that is embarassing as its pure purpose is Footon trolling the cloners. This Atty is non functional and just proof that China is copying everything, even if they have no clue how it works. So if you want to have a piece of vape history – grab it! In case you want something you can actually vape on.. stay away. This is the ultimate anti-deal.

Kangertech NEBOX at Gearbest for $??

Gearbest listed the Kangertech NEBOX for $9999.99, obviously a placeholder, but expect a good price and maybe a coupon code for the preorder! I’ll update as soon as I spot any deals on this one. Available soon in black, white, red and tiffany blue.

UPDATE: $78.90 now. Expect a coupon code soon to bring it down to around $50.