The most promising 200W mods for under $50

There are more and more 200W devices coming up that (may) have good chips but no DNA200 – so you can grab them for cheap!

Up to you, I’ve ordered the KBOX and RX200 so far.

Just a bit out of the $50 range but still worth a look is the Sigelei Fuchai 200W for $54.42.

SXK S80 TC Box – $32.55 with coupon

SXK devices are always worth a look – the Nebula Chip works well and is improved with every iteration. There is a new version out there – the SXK S80W TC Box – available for $32.55 after code promoprogb. Or via FT with code XMAS for $33.22!

Seems like they took the KBox mini, fixed the flaws and put a good chip in it 😉

Coil Master Tab 521 – $39.99 – fast processing and shipping!

Like I mentioned in one of the earlier posts, I finally ordered the Coil Master Tab 521 instead of the Pilot Vape one. It is currently in stock an has a handling time of 1-2 days.

Ordered on 9th December 2am, Packaging on 10th December 4am, Shipped on the 11th December 4am. Well done! That was fast 🙂

Innokin Endura T18 – nice starter kit for only $24.60 & iSub S/Apex

FT has now the Innokin Endura T18 starter kit listed. $24.60 after code XMAS. PBusardo says it is one of the best starter kits, so in case you need one for friends&family, grab this one!

Also newly listed from Innokin: iSub Apex, iSub S. Each one $20.73.

Innokin Cool Fire IV Plus (+iSub G) $62.80 & Innokin Disrupter Sets $39.95

FT is extending their Innokin assortment: Brand new Innokin Cool Fire IV Plus 70W with the iSub G Atomizer for $62.80 as well as some Innokin Disrupter Sets for $39.95. You can also combine colors of your choice and buy the mod and the battery separately 🙂

All prices after code XMAS!

The hunt for the lowest price – has its limits (

While I always try to get the best possible price for my gear – mostly by researching great deals in the china world but also EU and US – every price hike has its limits. Don’t be an ass and do chargebacks on small dealers or group-buys just because you found a better deal and save a few $. is out of business and this is the farewell thread.

For sure it is lack of entrepreneurship too, but the price drama on black Friday was ridiculous.

Lets see what the Cloudmaker guys do for those who preordered the first 200pcs Whiteouts via Smog. I don’t have much hope with all the delays and drama there.

Here is an update for the CM Whiteout preorders.

Vaporesso stuff / KSD DNA200

No big news, offers or new arrivals out there in the vaping world today.

Gearbest has a bunch of Vaporesso stuff listed for preorder, for example the Target tank as well as the Target 75W. See a review below.

Fasttech has another Authentic DNA200 mod – a ruggedized one. The Kangside KSD Panzer 200W for $116.76 after code XMAS. No clue if the Mod is good, the price is nice for a DNA200 though!

Sunday double post: The Wotofo Lush and RX200 update

Sunday double post incoming:

Obi did an update on his review for the Wismec RX200 featuring the new Firmware 1.07. Looks very good! This is the most hyped mod currently, seems to work great, looks good, nice size, awesome price. I can definitely recommend to grab one. Available for $42.92 after code XMAS (black one a few $$ more) at FT or for $48.84 at GB. Don’t wait, thats a steal (says Mike Vapes – see review below 😉 )!

Another recommendation from my side is the Wotofo Lush ($16 after XMAS). The build quality is very nice, it has the same deck as the Wotofo Sapor ($12.73) and takes all coil builds. Lots of space in there, easy to access, nice juice well. Downside: the airholes are too high! You should block off the highest two ones (it has adjustable airflow) which makes the draw a bit tighter but also improves the flavor. Like the Sapor, this is an RDA for notorious overdripper like me. 3mm dual clapton coils, 4 holes open, 80W. Thats how I like it.