Wismec Noisy Cricket – $20.28 for a great mod + review

You can get the Wismec Noisy Cricket for only $20.28 after code 2015XMAS! It is my favorite series mech with hybrid connector (because I only have one).

Grimm is overly excited too, see for yourself and then buy one 😉 Not a lot you can do wrong for this price with this great piece of machining. But beware: A series mech with hybrid con is nothing for n00bs.

And merry XMAS btw!

Wismec RX200 – Firmware 1.08

There is another firmware update for the Wismec RX200. What I heard it only changes the font face to something different – which is great because the old one was really ugly 🙂

My two are still stuck (or lost) in transit, so I can’t test it. I hope it looks better now.

You can get the RX200 here for 47.99 or here for $42.92 after code XMAS.

Wotofo Serpent – now in black for $22.68 with code + bigger is not always better

The Wotofo Serpent in black landed for a price of $22.68 after coupon code MAP 🙂

And look at this thing man… bigger is not always better. Triple 18650 next to each other for a DNA200 is not what I want to see (VapeCiger BIGGER 200W). Either do a dual DNA133 or do something like the Reuleaux please.

VapeCige VTBox200 – $118.58 and I got mine!

So after 4 month back and forth, delays, new revisions, reordering and anyway cancelling, I finally got my VapeCige VTBox 200! And what a coincidence, I just realized that there has been a price drop and you can grab it for $118.58 after code XMAS 🙂 Got mine for $115 here , but you need to send me your login email so I can send you back a special code (which might take a few days).

Anyway, this thing is polarizing. It looks kinda cool but is really heavy. Did not expect that because I was used to my very lightweight Vaporshark DNA200. it says 1800mAh, but is more likely 1400-1500mAh, so super exaggerated specifications here. You can get a good quality replacement 1300mAh for cheap and I’ll look if there fits in a dual 18650 bay – but I guess not.

The new rubberized finish on the black and white is beautiful, not sure how the latest revision of the black/red is currently. My serial is around 8000 and the chip has been programmed mid of November. Looks like they fixed all the annoying flaws and it is buyable now! So grab it if you like, $118 is not bad for a DNA200 mod. Don’t forget to set everything in eScribe the first time, you have to do it yourself (most important: set it to 14.5Wh)

KSD Yihi SX330 200W TC – $80

Seems like Yihi based mods are lowering their prices too with the growing amount of DNA200 devices out there.

The KSD Yihi SX330 200W TC (Yihi SX330-V3SL) is available for only $80 after coupon code “Yihi200”. A few month (or even weeks) ago this would have been the price for the Board only. This is a newer revision of the chip from the IPV3Li with 75W in Ni and 100W in Ti mode. Dual 18650 of course.

New Joyetech Cubis Atty – $13.99 with coupon code

The new Joyetech Cubis is available for preorder for only $13.99 (limited offer until Jan. 31st) with coupon code “Cubis”. Shipping costs may apply. This is a good fit with the eVic VTC Mini ($31.99) or the Reuleaux RX200 ($36.49) because of the SS316 Coil options!

Package contents:
1 x Joyetech Cubis Tank Atomizer Main Body
1 x Joyetech Cubis Metal Mouthpiece
1 x Joyetech Cubis Delrin Mouthpiece
1 x Joyetech Cubis BF SS316 0.5ohm Coil
1 x Joyetech Cubis BF SS316 1.0ohm Coil
1 x Joyetech Cubis BF Clapton 1.5ohm Coil

holy sh*t – eVic VTC Mini Firmware 3.0 – custom TCR and 316 support!

Did not expect that. There is a new update for the eVIC VTC Mini ($35.45 here!), now with another new screen, a custom TCR option as well as SS316 support.

Great work Joyetech.

Here are some SS TCR Values I found (thanks ECF):

304 TCR 0.001016
316 TCR 0.000880
316L TCR 0.000879
317L TCR 0.000940
430 TCR 0.001380

You can download the Firmware here.

UD Wire Box now for only $14.23

The UD Wire Box is now available for $14.23 after code XMAS.

Very good idea and contains:

  • 1*30ft Ni200 Heating Wire (26 AWG)
  • 1*30ft Nichrome Heating Wire (26 AWG)
  • 1*30ft stainless steel 316L Heating Wire (26 AWG)
  • 1*30ft Kanthal A1 Heating Wire (26 AWG)
  • 1*15ft coiled Kanthal A1 Heating Wire (26/32 AWG)
  • 1*15ft twisted Kanthal A1 Heating Wire (28*3 AWG)