Sense Herakles Plus $34.99 – Innokin CoolFire IV Plus $?? – UD Zephyrus V2 $22.99

As always, wants to be the first to list something. Give a good impression about the prices though, so here is the latest stuff:

All preorder of course!

TFV4 mini – received and love it – $25.17

So this is not really a deal but more a random post of happiness. Lurkers here might have noticed from earlier posts that I am a TFV4 fan.

Today I got my TFV4 mini and I am super excited. Finally they decided to add some replacement o-rings and they choose to use different o- rings in the mini version (maybe the full one has updated too?). Clapton coil looks gorgeous, RBA too. Very very very nice kit, I am totally happy. You can grab it for $25.17 and I definitely recommend it.

Some NEBOX reviews and issues

Obi confirmed in his review of the Kangertech NEBOX most of the issues DJLsb Vapes ran into and even more.. So beware. I hope these were faulty units, but summary seems to be: leaky, no afc, pc tank, near to no tc regulation, bad power accuracy….

Mine should arrive soon and I will report back if I have any issues.

Obis review (German!)

eVic VTC Mini and all the TRON Sets – $47.86! + IPV D3 $46.39

All the new colors (red, grey, gold) for the eVic VTC Mini and the TRON Sets have landed for $47.86 (set without charging cable) or 33.98 for the VTC mini standalone.

Also new: The IPV D3 for $46.39 in 4 colors available (as well as in a set with an atty I never heard of). I guess someone saw how great the eVic VTC sells and did a bit of copy and paste…

3FVape has the D3 for $45.99 in case you prefer them.

All prices after coupon code XMAS!

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One Hit Wonder Eliquid Giveaway

Nope, not another giveaway by myself but One Hit Wonder Eliquid does a giveaway of 3x the full range (=4 bottles) of their juice.

Sign up here

I love their juice (especially Muffin Man and My Man) so I’d recommend to buy some anyway (of course winning is fine too). Coupon code TRIO should still work for $15 off in case you buy 3 bottles.

IPV D3, US warehouse, ships to US. oh no…. not again P4Y.

It seems like Pioneer4You is playing the same game with the IPV D3 as they did with the IPV D2. 3F listed it for $56.99 – available in black/silver/white, ships from US Warehouse only to US shipping address.

So this leads me to the assumption that we will see heavy delays all around the world for this device – except the US. Some (most?) China dealers had to order the IPV D2 to the US, then shipped them back to China, and then shipped them to their international customers because P4Y was focussing on the US market with the D2.

Hexangels / Hexohm styled, 180W VV

Maybe one for the girls – Fasttech listed the Hexangels version of the Hexohm styled Mod today in several colors. $33.90 after coupon code XMAS and it is yours. VV because it has a potentiometer on the side, but no display (would be a Storm then? Who knows…).

UPDATE: Sorry, I missed the most obvious difference with these Hexangels. They are Zinc alloy and not Aluminium!

In case you prefer some boats: There is another Tugboat V2 Styled version listed too. Also VV with poti – up to 180W. Quite the same price as the Hexangels.

P4Y IPV D3, 80W TC, $46.99

Earlybird as always, efun listed the Pioneer4You IPV D3 80W TC today. Casing seems to be the same, maybe other color options, a better painting/coating, updated chip, I hope step down this time. Thats what I expect.

It says again “most advanced chip from Yihi” which was a lie for the D2 too (SX350J any1?)…

  • Output power 10w-80w/ 5J-75J
  • Output voltage 1.0V-7.0V
  • Standard load 0.05-3.0ohms
  • Joules mode load 0.05-1.0ohm
  • Temperature limit 212F-572F (100C-300C)
  • Chip: YiHi SX130H-V2 (or SX150H?)

Talking about efun. Take a look at the Kangertech KBOX Min Platinum! $39.99 seems ok for a full SS304 housing mod.

And the WINNER is…..

Thanks for participating in the Giveaway for the OBS Crius. I (or better said did the draw already via

The winner is Zach C. somewhere out of the US!

I’ll send you an email today to ask for the preferred color as well as your shipping details. The OBS Crius will be ordered at Gearbest and I’ll add a tracking number.

Congratz! Next giveaway will be done soon.

Update: Winner notified, got shipping details and ordered already. Have fun!