Aegis Legend review, ADVKEN Manta MTL and some new stuff and coupon codes

Some new interesting stuff and offers right here:

Aqua Reboot RTA @2F for $27.99 // iPV Trantor 200W – $59.99

As announced a few days ago, 2F has the Aqua Reboot now listed, starting at $27.99 in all 3 colorways. It’s love at second sight. I did not use enough cotton the first time and had a pretty spity experience. You have to use quite a bit more compared to the Manta for example. It wicks glorious, flavor is top notch, quality is good too. Nothing groundbreaking but for me a strong buy at around $30. There are a lot worse RTAs out there 😉

Also new: The Pioneer4You iPV Trantor 200W with the YiHi SX500A chip is $59.99. Not a fan of the recent P4Y designs though.

ThinkVape Thor ABS Mod – $29.99 // Soomook Hato – $47.99

Another new ABS Mod is available (I love ABS mods 😉 ). The ThinkVape Thor is $29.99 here and comes in a few ugly designs. It should be a lightweight one but can not find any reliable info on that – 75g sounds about right.

On another note: The Soomook Hato K-One is now available at 3F for $47.99.

DESIRE Rage price updates

Sorry, everything is either Desire Rage or Aqua Reboot recently ;). Whatever, here are some updates on the Desire Rage. Seems like they settled with a higher price shown but a coupon code.

Use Coupon code MAP at FT to bring the price down to $64.95. At 2F, please use MAPDESIRE to bring the price down to $66.99. Congrats to everyone that ordered it at 2F for $54 😉

Aqua Reboot RTA – $27.99 // Wotofo Recurve 24 – $26.49

Great new listing: The Footoon Aqua Reboot RTA is listed here for $27.99 and available in silver, black or blue. I got my silver and black one from the UK a few days ago and only vaped on it for half a day so far. Not a lot I can say at this point, but it definitely isn’t bad!

The new MikeVapes Project, the Wotofo Recurve 24 is listed for $26.49 which is pretty expensive imho.

GeekVape Aegis Legend – $52.36 // CoilArt Mage V2 – $27.80

Two interesting new arrivals today: