ENVII Baby Ness Single 2×700 – hot mod, stuck button?

I was pretty excited to see a single cell version of one of my most favorite mods: The ENVII Baby Ness Single 2×700 is listed here for $56.90. The bigger brother is very nice an ergonomic, though the rubbery finish comes of easily.

The smaller version does not seem to have that rubber finish, it is getting hot and the fire button tends to get stuck. At least that’s what Jai Haze reports:

LostVape Triade DNA250C 300W // EHPro 101 21700

The Lost Vape Triade DNA250C 300W is finally listed on FT for $149, coupon code MAP should reduce the price significantly soon so keep an eye on this one.

Also new: EHPro has a new version of their 101 tube (in several colorways), now with 18650/20700/21700 support and listed for $45.90. Price seems a tad high since the 18650 only version was somewhere below the 30s.

SMOK Novo (Pod System) // Innokin Proton

Two new arrivals worth a mention (there isn’t a lot to mention recently imho).

SMOK releases a new refillable Pod system in “Cobra”-style: The SMOK Novo 450mAh kit is $20.71.

Innokin has some new stuff too: The Innokin Proton 235W looks pretty sweet ($63.03 and you’re in). Side fire button, Joystick, Innokin quality which tends to be good. Can’t find the exact weight now, but reviews say “it is pretty lightweight”. Take a look at Rips review below:

Hotecig – 50% off – steps inside

Hotecig has (up to!) 50% off with a special coupon code that you can obtain in the Facebook Group. Visit this site here on Facebook, click on the link (hotecig.com/oneyear), enter your account email and you’ll get the code. Worked for me on the second try ;). Will try to use the coupon code now…

Full post here:

Hotecig-Anniversary Celebration
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Squid Ind. Double Barrel v2.1 – $75.99

Funny to see these in China! The Squid Industries Double Barrel v2.1 is listed for $75.99 in silver or black! I had both and was super impressed. Easy to use, simple mod (a bit heavy though). Just straight up wattage mod, nothing else fancy. Definitely worth a look! Prices in Europe were going up from €80 to €110 in a few weeks due to the high demand.