OBS Engine Sub – awful :( (updated inside)

**UPDATE: Vapin heathen just commented on instagram that he heard they are updating the coils and mine are indeed pre-production versions – so there is hope :)**

I am a big fan of the OBS Engine RTA version and have it in all colors and sizes. So I was excited when heavengifts.com was so kind to send me the Sub versions with prebuilt coils to take a look. A few days later I got the regular version and the mini version delivered.

Inside the package is the tank with a preinstalled coil, a spare glass and a spare coil. These coils are some pretty big notch coils (big inner diameter) at 0.2 ohms meant to be vaped between 40 and 100 watts.

I did not feel comfortable posting my first impressions since the coils had an awful off taste and similar to other prebuilts, I was hoping that this goes away after a few puffs. But no.. it was still there and nearly unvapeable. After cleaning the whole tank thoroughly, rinsing with Isopropanol, cleaning it again and using a new coil – same result. I managed to go through a full tank of 5 mls and the horrible taste was still there. Just to triple check: same result with the coils from the other package.

Last resort: I did disassemble the coil completely afterwards to see if there are hot spots or if I can see burnt marks anywhere, but no: see for yourself:

I will vape the tanks forward to a friend to get a second opinion here. Also I contacted OBS to ask if there are different revisions or something like that. Maybe I got a pre-production model since it is still on pre-order on most sites.

I am sure heavengifts.com is not super excited about this outcome and I wish I could say something positive. But so far, this is a big disappointment. It did wick good, the tank is nice, but this side taste is a no-go. Sorry for that boys and girls.

Of course I will update in case something changes here. My advice so far: Please wait for more reviews before you buy, maybe they (will) fix this issue.

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