OBS Engine – indeed a good RTA

I am using my OBS Engine for a week now and have to say that the hype is real.

Flavor wise it is for sure not the best tank out there, but for a top airflow RTA, it is pretty decent. Building on it is super easy and it wicks like a champ. 80-85W are not a problem at all (6 wrap 26/32 kanthal claptons). I did not tuck down the wicks through the holes, the cotton is just laying on the feeding holes under the coil. Of course no leakage at all, also no spitback. It drinks juice, but that’s not uncommon for this type of tanks. I do not see this as a con. 80W.. what do you expect? 😀

So far, it is definitely in my Top 5 tanks, maybe even Top 3. For around $20 – go for it. Worth a try imho!

It is currently in a flash sale for $19.93 or $21.67 here- take a look!

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