Hexohm 3.0 clone – $50.50

So this one is interesting or at least worth a mention. There is a HexOhm 3.0 clone available for $50.50. This is really really expensive for a clone. So either this is great because it went out of the backdoor of the original manufacturer or someone is really confident that people will buy this for this price.

One thing to mention about the name. There are Hexohm V3 clones out there (not 3.0) which are basically from the cloners further modified V2 clones (with new stuff that is not in the authentic one). Do not confuse them with this 3.0 clone which is actually a real clone of an authentic product and not some sort of imaginary clone like the V3 was.

PS: It says “HEX-730 chip” in the description. Whatever this means. Any1 know what the authentic one has in it or what it is named?

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