Goon 24 Titanium clone – $17.63

Just got the Goon 25 titanium clone in ($17.63 here) a few minutes ago and here are my very (very!) first impressions compared to the authentic non-titanium:

  • it is lightweight, so might be titanium
  •  quality seems good and well machined
  • most obvious difference to the authentic: The insulator is just around the bottom of the positive post and does not go up on the sides. There is half a mm gap between the post and the side of the rda, so pretty close but not shorting out out of the box
  • o-rings are tight but in a good way
  • bevel on the post plates look a bit different
  • engraving on the barrel is deeper/thicker compared to the auth
  • serial number and engraving on the bottom is similar but different if you see it next to an auth 

    For the price it does not seem to be a bad deal. Will throw a build in in the next few days.


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