Desire Rabies RDA – $25.42 sent me the Desire Rabies RDA a while ago and ever since then I used it in my rotation for flavor testing.

It seems like weird names are in fashion in China – looking at Cigpet, Voopoo and Rabies. The previous RDA from Desire was named MadDog, so Rabies makes actually sense :). Many many people were raving about the great flavor from the MadDog so I was really curious how the Rabies will perform.

The Desire Rabies is an aluminum/magnesium alloy 24mm RDA (very lightweight) that comes in Red, Gold or Black. Included are three complete sets of screws – so you can choose between hex, phillips or slotted (totally up to you). The deck is gold plated which I am not a fan off, but so far it holds up well.

The 510 threading itself is very long to hold an ultem (?) insulator plate to keep the heat off the mod. Nice idea! Would be great to see this on other Atomizers. The post design is somehow similar to the Recoil RDA. The negative posts are raised which makes it easier to stuff the cotton in the juice well. Post holes are big enough for every build you might like to put in there but still can take simple round wire builds.

Also the airflow has an funny angle like snake teeth but sideways and not upwards like the Recoil. The airflow holes on each side have a separator on the deck to work individually. The bummer is: If you want to close of one hole, you should reposition your coil, otherwise the airflow will hit only one side – and that kills the flavor quite a bit. But if you do the position right, this RDA is awesome. There is no way to do a single coil configuration on this one.

O-Ring tolerance is great – a bit tight at first but perfect tension after they juiced up a bit – and the airflow is perfectly smooth. One thing you don’t want to do on this RDA is overdripping. You need to be pretty careful, otherwise the juice will come out right back of the airholes. Drip right in the middle to stay away from them. Also move your cotton to the side to not block the airholes in any way.

Another big pro: The Rabies RDA is compatible with Goon/Kennedy/810 drip tips.

It is available for $25.42 after coupon code AHG15 at!

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