Closed Systems

There are lots of closed systems on the market already, and whilst I wasn’t a big fan of them (especially because the liquid pods tend to be really expensive) – I do get the idea behind it. Some of my friends want to stop smoking but don’t want to fiddle around with priming and changing coils, refilling a.s.o. They just want to stop smoking and switch to a healthier alternative.

Closed systems are a hassle free and easy alternative. Put in the liquid pod and start vaping. When empty, remove and plug in the next one. No coils to have an eye on, no refilling. Plug in and go.

A downside with most of the closed systems is that you have to live with the given flavor range. If the liquids does not suit your preferred flavor style, you are pretty much fu**ed. You can crack open most of them and refill / rewick them, but that wasn’t the original intention of the closed systems.

Here are the devices I will take look or at least try to get in my hands:

Kimree/Kimsun Slim 2 / Air 10  (have the Air 10 already here)
My. VON ERL  (on the way to my place)
JUUL (US only 🙁 )
Vape Forward Cync (broad liquid pod range!)
Wismec/Myvapors MyJet (semi-closed system)

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