Cigpet ECO 12 – a whole lot of everything was once again so kind and sent over some stuff, this time the Cigpet Eco 12 Subohm tank. On the first looks you see that this one is here to compete with the recent influx of high wattage tanks like the SMOK TFV12 (and many other – nearly every manufacturer has a tank that performs over 200W already.)

Cigpet is a bit of a funny name and actually they are a subsidiary company of IJOY so they aren’t new at building tanks.

The ECO 12 comes with 2 prebuilt coils in the package, one is the Q4 0.15 ohm (60-180W) and the T12 0.12 ohm (60-threefifty!). They even have a T16 coil that can go up to 400 aaand what should be included in this package (but you have to buy it separately): The great looking RTA deck.

Of course you get some more o-rings (coloured), extra glass and also included is a nice resin drip tip. Random color though so you might be lucky and get a great one or one that you aren’t a fan of, but all in all, I like that they included a resin one. Luckily the also include a very tight fitting 510 drip tip adapter. I can not imagine that it is a pleasure to vape 200 Watts through a 510 drip tip but that might be just me 😉

Broken down tank:

Diameter is 26mm at the base and it bulges out to 28mm. Bulging out tanks with a bit smaller bases seems to be the new trend too and I actually like the looks of it. Also it is available in either Silver, Black or Rainbow. I did get the Rainbow and I heard there are Rainbow fans out there (which I am not).

To provide the massive coils with enough airflow, you have huge (HUGE) airflow slots at the base – adjustable but no clicky clicky and no stopper – and you can easily watch your favorite Netflix series on your 50 inch TV by looking through the airflow slots. Also the kidney holes for the top fill are pretty big.

So after all the sizes and specs, here is some good news about the coils: They are fully compatible with the ones from the TFV12. Clever move here ladies and gents. The included Cigpet coils are great – so I do not see a reason to use the TFV12 ones. The T12 is actually 6 dual fused clapton coils – so they call it T12.

What was really suprising is that you have near to no break in time or taste. Prime it, fill it and you can start vaping without having the horrible side taste for a tank like it is on most subohm clearos. I did start at 70W but the tank did laugh at me at this wattage. Bumping it up to 120W made it a lot better but the T12 coil actually start to shine at 160-180W. Personally I wouldn’t go higher. The coil could actually handle it and wicking is not an issue at all – but it just gets too hot. Flavor is much better than expected, but thats no wonder with the liquid consumption.

What reviewers stated for other high wattage tanks is true for this one too: If you like 3mg, you should go for 1.5mg for this tank. I had a pretty big nicbuzz after a few toots and had to make a break for a few hours. So if you love a quick nic shot – this is the right tank for you.

A bit of a bummer that I do not have the RTA deck at hand but I have the ECO RDA which has the same inverted L post setup, so I will take a look at this one too.

Another thing I noticed: There is not only no leaking, I had near zero condensation in the base – even after 2 tanks and a full tank sitting overnight. The coils kept everything where it belongs to and base was bone dry.

All in all this is a great high wattage cloudzbro tank if you are into these type of atomizers. Not a single complaint about the build quality, coils are great, but the wattage needed is ridiculous. For a quick nic shot in your face this is good, for me vaping all day, I prefer the 60-80 Watt range.

Interested? Price is pretty affordable: You can get it at for $33.90 and use the 15% off coupon code AHG15!


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