Some (overpriced) cotton and the scottish roll technique

Since I always do the scottish roll thing for my wicks (see video below), my cotton usage quadrupled. Therefore, a decent cotton deal is always welcome. You can get Muji, Koh-Gen-Do or Puff on ebay, but GearBest also has some good deals.

A 5-pack of UD Muji is currently available for $1.99. A great deal but still a tad high. But you get them nicely packed, each sheet separately! This one is easily twice the price on other sites.

Another one worth a look is an 80-pack of Koh Gen Do for $14.59 – on par with some ebay deals.

Vaporshark DNA200 with Vape Shield arrived :)

No PSA, just because I am personally excited: My Vaporshark DNA200 with VapeShield ordered during the Labor Day Sales arrived safely today!

Looking good so far. Size is nice, definitely did not expect it to be soo lightweight! No scratches or dents, lets see how it performs (but we know already it is great.. it is a DNA200…).

The Vaporshark DNA200 is $199.99 (without nano coating). More expensive than the VapeCige or HCigar, but less than some other DNA200s. Worth it I guess, but can understand that this is quite an investment. Will keep u updated if a deals pops up somwhere and of course with any findings and tips on this device.

Kangertech NEBOX – more info and pic & SUBOX Mini in Tiffany blue…

Kangertech published some more info on the NEBOX (pre-order for $49.99). This one will pop up on all stores soon.

NEBOX is Kangertech’s first integration of both a tank and a mod into one unique device. NEBOX has many of the advantages of the SUBTANK (SSOCC & mini RBA) but with a massive increase in juice capacity. With temperature control, adjustable wattage and a pre-installed Ni200 coil , NEBOX is designed to deliver your perfect vape experience. NEBOX’s all in one design make it the ultimate in portability, convenience and performance.

  • Micro USB
  • LCD Display
  • 10mL capacity
  • Delrin Drip Tip
  • Temperature Control
  • Use replaceable 18650 cell
  • Output 60W Supports 0.15 ohm
  • Use SSOCC (stainless steel OCC) and Mini RBA plus


Oh and of course Kangertech follows the trend and brings some stuff in Tiffany blue 🙂 The SUBOX Mini will be available soon in this color.


New OneHitWonder Flavor: MyMan

OneHitWonderEliquids just released a new flavor: A Neapolitan Ice Cream Flavor called MyMan.

I just ordered a bottle together with some more Muffin Man. You can also use Coupon Code “MYMAN” for a 15ml free sample with your order. I will report back as soon as I have it in my hands. I went through 60ml Muffin Man in 3 days… time to get some more. I love this stuff!

SMOK TFV4 Mini, XCUBE Mini 75W, Clapton Coils

I just found the SMOK TFV4 mini on the SMOK site. 22mm width compared to 24.5mm, 3.5ml filling volume compared to 5ml.

Also there is a picture of the XCUBE Mini 75W as well as some information to more RBA heads and prebuild coils – with clapton wire!

The regular SMOK TFV4 Tank is together with the Uwell Crown my favorite so far.

SMOK TFV4 Tricoil after >200ml Red Astaire

After 15 days of constant use (which results in >200ml juice) I decided to change my coil in the TFV4. The flavor was still good though. Red Astaire is not gunking the coils a lot, but it has some artificial coloring in it that cover the coils more than other juices.

I am quite impressed as it is by far not as bad as I expected it to be. I did not check the coil beforehand as it is always a pain to disassemble the tank because of my constant fear of breaking the weak orings. The wire is discoloured but there are not a lot of crumbs on it, the inner cotton sheet is dirty of course.

A tip for changing the coils: Use the Richard Ng method, means: screw the coil on the chimney and then assemble the tank. The oring on the chimney is the weakest link and has to be screwed on tight for no leaking.

Twisted Messes RDA Clone, Revolt RDA Clone

I think it is always worth mentioning when one finds a clone with good machining and not a fucked up deck or screws. I got this Twisted Messes RDA Clone from focalecig a few weeks ago and had the chance to build a titanium TC coil a few days ago. I am really impressed with the quality! Definitely worth a try for $9.84. Rarely seen such a clean deck, no crooked posts and very good screws. O-rings are loose (like they are on the original) but I love it for dripping.

Another tip is this Revolt RDA version from Fasttech. The screws are not perfect and need some slight sanding and sometimes the screw pops back out. A slight pinch with some pliers fix this problem. I love it with the included competition drip-tip! Btw: The SS stand is available separately for $2.74.

Joyetech eVic-VT Mini incoming?

It seems there will be a smaller version of the Joyetech eVic VT coming soon – rumors say with upgradeable firmware as well as replaceable batteries.

  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • 510 threading connection
  • Mode : VV/VW , TC
  • Big screen
  • Replaceable battery
  • Magnet back cover
  • Low voltage warning
  • Short circuit warning
  • Low resistance warning
  • Short circuit and overheat protection


  • 60W
  • 1x 18650 battery

Aspire Pegasus – hold your horses!

I stumbled upon a pic from the Aspire Pegasus mod that says it will get TC! This would make perfect sense, so hold your horses and do not jump on the non-TC version. Maybe – or better: I am sure – there is a TC version right around the corner. (Aspire staff comments on facebook say: release this week!)

Aspirecig Facebook page

Machining on the Aspire Triton is top notch, same is true for the first reviews about the Pegasus. Let’s see how good the TC turns out!

To be updated…..

Update 08/14: It seems everyone will get a TC version as the first shipment has not been released by Aspire and they’ll update all mods. Count me in!