Wismec Predator 228: Why can’t we have nice things…

You might have seen the upcoming shitstorm already, but here you go in case you missed it: Wismec did update their not so great 510 pin to a very good one now, but unfortunately they messed up the negative connection on the 510 now – the threading. It seem that it comes out pretty easy on the Wismec Predator 228 when you slightly wobble on your tank. So be extra careful or wait for an update 🙁

What a bummer, I have one already and really like it so far 🙁

First 10 minutes here:

or Daniels statement:

SMOK Alien – revisions and upgrade confusion

Just a quick heads up on some “issues” with the latest SMOK Aliens. It seems that SMOK changed the chip in the mod and we have two different models now that have to use different firmwares. The firmware versions of the older models are called something like “v1.2.2”, the newer ones “vb1.0.2”. Currently you can not upgrade the vb1.0.2 since there isn’t any newer version available. Also you need a newer firmware upgrade software.

Apart from that, I read somewhere that the latest batch has a “spring loaded” battery door.

All in all, nothing to worry but good to know that your vb1.0.2 isn’t bricked or something like that, you just need a different firmware / software.

More info can be found in this reddit post here!

Giveaway! IJOY Combo RDTA & IJOY Maxo Quad

Haven’t had a Giveaway in a while so let’s do one!
Big thanks to Gearbest for sponsoring this. Up for grabs:

Running until Friday, January 6th 2017, 23:59 (UTC)

To participate, like this post on Facebook, like my Facebook page and please share the post!

In case you do not have a Facebook account, just let me know you want to participate via mail to review@daisychainvaper.com.

50% off at 12:00 UTC and 16:00 UTC – Windforce RTA // IJOY Maxo Quad

There is a bunch of stuff in a 50% off sale at 12:00 UTC and 16:00 UTC, I picked the best two:

There are about 10 other products in a sale then too, keep an eye on this page here!

LostVape Therion DNA167 (DNA250) – $101.11 soon!

Just a reminder to be prepared: Fasttech will have 15% off (over $100) or 10% off (less than $100) on November 25th to 27th with coupon code THANKS2016.

Some awesome deals are possible here, for example the brand new LostVape Triade DNA167 (DNA250 chip) for $101.11! Or the Triade for $108.76 🙂

Update: Deal is on already!


Merlin – $7.99 // Azeroth – $11.99 // Crius – $7.99

Lots of new offers will be released at 08:00 (UTC) here.

Limited offer for the Augvape Merlin for $7.99, CoilArt Azeroth for $11.99 and OBS Crius for $7.99. (around 10 pieces each).

Use my method mentioned in an earlier post and you can easily get these offers!

Following offers:
(09:00 UTC) for half-price: Mage GTA, IJOY Maxo, OBS Ace
(10:00 UTC) for half-price: Griffin Plus
(11:00 UTC) for half-price: Merlin RTA, Brooklyn RTA

Also there are some Liquids for $0.01 here and there.

CoilArt Mage and OBS Engine mini – $9.99

Tomorrows 50% off sales at 08:00 (UTC) will (might?) be

Once again the tip how to get the offer 99%: Put it in your cart, go to the next step where it says “place your order” at the bottom. Now open time.is. At exactly 08:00:01, refresh the page, scroll to the bottom, quickly check the price and hit place order!

Update: I am confused, there doesn’t seem to be a sale at 08:00 UTC.. maybe the next one at 16:00 UTC..

Non-vape deal: Xiaomi Mi Band 2 – $24.89

Sorry for this (first?) non-vape related deal: I am looking for an acceptable deal for the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 for a while now and right after release, the prices were skyrocketing due to the demand. Then I missed several flash sales but now I am in: You can get the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 currently for $24.89 and it is in stock.

Take a look at this nice gadget.

And now back to vape related deals, promised 😉

OBS Engine – indeed a good RTA

I am using my OBS Engine for a week now and have to say that the hype is real.

Flavor wise it is for sure not the best tank out there, but for a top airflow RTA, it is pretty decent. Building on it is super easy and it wicks like a champ. 80-85W are not a problem at all (6 wrap 26/32 kanthal claptons). I did not tuck down the wicks through the holes, the cotton is just laying on the feeding holes under the coil. Of course no leakage at all, also no spitback. It drinks juice, but that’s not uncommon for this type of tanks. I do not see this as a con. 80W.. what do you expect? 😀

So far, it is definitely in my Top 5 tanks, maybe even Top 3. For around $20 – go for it. Worth a try imho!

It is currently in a flash sale for $19.93 or $21.67 here- take a look!

Once again: Mage RTA for $8.28 // Azeroth RDTA for $12.58

Once again there is a 50% off sale at 17:00 (UTC+1) – limited to 10pcs! For example:

ProTip: Log in to your account, put the item in your cart, go to the first checkout page. Wait there. Open http://time.is in a separate window. Wait for 17:00 in UTC+1. Go back to the Gearbest Window, refresh the page (you should see the flash sale price now) and hit place order.

I did get already 5 of these offers without any problem.

2nd round – 50% off sale – 17:00 (UTC+1?)

Here are the upcoming offers for the next 50% off sale:

Not sure if it is really 17:00 UTC+1 or what time they exactly mean. Will keep you posted.

Update: yep, happening in 15 Minutes 😉