TESLA WYE – look at this review :)

Jai Haze is overly excited about the TESLA WYE ($47.99 here.. a bit hard to get in other stores, most likely because of its similarities to the Boxer).

I will grab one too, I love lightweight mods and there aren’t lots of full plastic ones out there.. somehow the manufacturers think that zinc alloy is better…

Mods revisited: SMOANT Battlestar – $35.45

There are manifold issues with the SMOK Alien and also the Wismec Predator, so I thought it is worth a look what mods really held up over the last few month: I did not hear any complaints with the SMOANT Battlestar ($35.45 here or $38.65 here) – so this one actually seems to be a fair mod for its cheap price 🙂

Also there is a different version with (most likely) the same chip: The SMOANT Charon.