Ulton Mini V5

Today I want to share my impressions about the Ulton Mini V5 with you.

It arrived here with a lot of supplies. A Ulton shield, a PC tank and a Vg shield and some O Rings. The Quality is simply a dream. There is hardly anyone who can do that. I have two of these vaporizers here for you today.

One of them is original. The other not quite so 😉

Which one of them could it be? Maybe Jieyan can start a raffle if you guess right?

I can recommend this Atomizer to you very much because it tastes good and is very well processed. No whistling and no screwing. As usual also in several variants. Links to this can be found here:


Gold Version

Silver Version

Black Version

Atty + Tube (Kit)


And yes, it comes with Logo 😉


Ulton TD Ding Prime RDTA with Velocity Deck 24mm 8ml+ Rough/Smooth

Allright ladies and gentlemen,

I’d like to introduce you to a miracle of taste. It is called Ulton TD Prime Ding and has a diameter of 24mm. It has a filling volume of 8ml+ and has a Velocity Deck. The Coils can be attached very easily. How I find one of the best tasted Atomizer out there.

It is available in two versions. Once in Smooth and once in Rough. If you are also looking for good taste and decent clouds, then you are well served here.

Single and Dual Coil options are no Problem. Give this Atty a try.

Sorry about the dirty Coils. But this is the best proof that I also use it to give you the best reviews.

Rough/Textured Version

Smooth Version

Tube and Atty (Kit)

SR TAE 25mm 2/5ml – The eagle has landed

The Tilemahos Armed Eagle from ShenRay also found it’s way to me.

The quality and workmanship is without doubt very good. No bad smells, no sharp edges, a lot of accessories (for MTL) are included. You can use it for MTL or DTL. Also it is possible to Change the Airflowtubes without dismantle the whole Atomizer. So you can easily switch between MTL and DTL in just a few seconds. You can also use the Eagle as a Springomizer. The different air pins and the Plastic 510 Adapter are also included.

The Flavour is on Top, the Quality is top notch, the price is very nice… so.. what are you waiting for? 🙂 Different Styles waiting for you.

Have a look at the pictures and visit the shop. He would surely be happy about your support!

Check it Out!





ShenRay VG V2.5 Stackingtube for 2×18650

Today an unexpected Vapemail came to me. I happily accepted the package and opened it immediately.

A ShenRay VG V2.5 Style Tube in 23mm with an extension sleeve was revealed to operate in stacking mode (2×18650).
There is a lot of quality on offer. Butter soft threads, excellent workmanship. You can argue about looking at that all by yourself. It’s like I always think it’s a matter of taste. With a 1 Ohm Coil in stacking mode with a reasonable single coil Atomizer, it’s a lot of fun. The tube is also available in black and gold. Here available e. g. in black in the German Warehouse.

Clearly recommended by me

Check it out! – German Warehouse (Black)

SS Version with VGv5s Atomizer

Pioneer4You iPV Xyanide hands-on

MikeVapes did a hands-on on the upcoming Pioneer4You iPV Xyanide mod. Pretty interesting / different :). Not sure where the price will end up finally, Fasttech has it listed for $99 but I am sure this is just a placeholder and will be (much) cheaper once it is available. Gearbest had it around $55 but it is back at “arrival notice”.

GTRS VBOY v2 – back on the wishlist?

DJLsb took another look at the GTRS VBOY YiHi SX500 and it seems they fixed the flaws (see below)! The GTRS VBOY is currently $72.84 after coupon code MAP, but I’ll have an eye on some better offers. This one is back on my wishlist for sure!

Today I have spotted another version with the YiHi SX520 chip – no real pricing yet and not open for preorder – just a listing at 3F.

PS: $61.38 here with coupon code 50-3-off-BF (in blue, green and tiffany blue)

DJLsb review for the Tesla WYE

DJLsb confirms what I/we already know: The Tesla WYE has only a few cons and is one of the best devices I ever had – and it is pretty affordable. Take a look at the review below. You can get the Tesla WYE here for $45.90 (use coupon code 2FDEAL for a few % off) or here for $47.99 or here for $49.99 (and 5% off with National2017 coupon code)

SBody Vapedroid C3D1 DNA250 – only $84.45

JaiHaze is always good for a funny review – seems like he really likes this device. The SBody Vapedroid C3D1 DNA250W (3cell) is $84.45 here. Price looks awesome for a DNA250 device. Not sure if this shape is something for me, but at least it is different to most of the other mods out there.