WISMEC Reuleaux 200W TC – $169.99?

I know that LOTS of people are waiting for this one. The WISMEC Reuleaux 200W TC – a DNA 200 device with triple 18650 popped up on Gearbest today. It says $169.99 but can not be ordered right now (only arrival notice). Nevertheless you will wait really long for this one to be available!

Reviews are all great, price is fine, DNA200 is good. A bit bulky but thats what you have to expect with a 3×18650 mod. Absolutely nothing you can do wrong here – but with the one exception that it is close to impossible to buy it anywhere 🙁

Updated Freemax Starre Pro

Yes, not a new tank but still a very good one – and they did some minor updates do it. Instead of the confusing “on” and “off”, it says now “Refill” and “Vape”.

The Freemax starre pro (in silver for $19.17) – available also in black for $21.07 after coupon code promoprogb.

Take a look at the review and decide 😉


HOTCIG DNA200 for $125 + spare battery $22.68 (some coupon codes)

A friendly reminder: You can get the HOTCIG DNA200 @FT for $125 with the coupon code MAP and now also a spare battery pack for $22.68 with the coupon code RMBBUST!

UPDATE: Spare battery pack went up to $45 now… Will keep you updated with a coupon code for that, MAP is not working currently for this article 🙁

aaand a Mike Vapes review:

Smowell Hatrick Topfill triple tank

Not really a deal but a tank that is definitely worth a closer look is the Smowell Hatrick ($29.99). It is somehow a direct competitor to the Smok TFV4 when it comes to cloud chasing with pre-made coils. Replacement coils are available for $17.62 (4 pcs).

Btw: Fasttech lowered the price for the single SMOK TFV4 to $18.67. Together with the coupon code RMBBUST (which should be still valid until end of the month) this is a great deal.

VapeCige VTBox200 v2 – an update

VapnFagan released another first look at the VapeCige VTBox200. This time on the “version 2” with some improvements.

Short summary:

  1. The 510 seems to be press fitted and solid
  2. Button is no more mushy, ring is still loose on arrival
  3. Magnets on the door are solid and did not come off so far
  4. Battery connector has been changed to a female one (most important change!)
  5. Battery is still super tight in there
  6. The black/white one seems to be painted, the red and black one anodized.

Battery safety table – User tested

No deal, no review, much more important:

Mooch @ ECF did (and still does) some cell tests to verify the ridiculous claims rewrappers put on their cells. His battery safety grades table is a MUST see.

Don’t fall for these numbers most of the rewrappers promise. Stick to Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony… But see for yourself:

Mooch’s battery safety guide


Not a lot going on – a summary.

The bad:

Vapecige seems to struggle still with the VTBox200 to fix all flaws and I am waiting for some news about how the latest batch performs. HCigar has a small shitstorm because of the brass 510 threading on the VT200 – which might be changed to a stainless steel one in a later batch and there are already some pics with peeling of coating on the Vaporshark DNA200.

The good:

First hands-on for the Sense Cyclone tank pop up one by one. It has some nice unique new features. All in all I am not overly impressed but definitely worth a look as an alternative to the SMOK TFV4. See a review by Mike Vapes below.

The new products:

Fasttech listed some more Fishbone RDA clones, a bunch of Drip Tips and LiPos. Nothing spectacular but the silicone sleeves for the IPV D2 look interesting.

Focalecig listed a Vortice RDA Clone as well as a value version of the Abaddon – which is definitely worth a look for $14.99!

VapeCige VTBox200 update on issues, hands-on and deal

VapeNW published a video on youtube showing the black/white VapeCige VTBox200 supposedly with some fixes they already implemented.

The 510 connection seems to be press fitted now, also you can see that the connector on the LiPos has been switched around. So the male connector is no longer sticking out of the LiPo but is on the mod part.

efun.top has the VTBox200 for $149.99 on preorder, Fasttech for $151 after code RMBBUST and Focalecig for $145.08. Not sure if FT still does the $45 refund via Gift certificate. They say no, people still report that they get a GC back. Unfortunately I can not verify this.

With these fixes I am really looking forward to this mod. It might still not be perfect, but the most important flaws seem to be fixed.