Sick deals part II – Sigelei 213 for $43.99 and more

The 50% off sale continues in around 5 hours (should be 11am CST, 6pm CET) with some new great offers – one of them is the Sigelei 213 for only $43.99 (I hope everyone is aware of the flaws by now).

Also nice and 50% off (limited to 10 pieces!)

  • OBS Crius RTA
  • Advken Supra RDA
  • Original Wotofo Serpent Mini RTA

any many more.

Sick deals! Up to 50% off – and I am too late – Gemini Mega for $11.40

Fu**, sorry for not posting this again in time (I did a few days ago).

Gearbest has some very limited great deals with up to 50% off on this page.

There are still some great ones incoming in a few hours, for example the Vaporesso Gemini RTA for only $11.40 and many more. Take a look here!

Update: Here is the list for the next batch of 50% off sales:

  • Geekvape Griffin 25 6.2ml RTA $12.54
  • Vaporesso GEMINI RTA MEGA $11.40
  • SMOK TFV4 RTA in schwarz $11.45
  • Youde UD Wire Box $6.54
  • DIY Coil Tool Kit $10.98

Sigelei Fuchai 213 – $52.57 (for the records ;) )

The Sigelei Fuchai just had a price drop down to $52.57 and it is also already in stock here for $57.99. This just for the records after the recent drama about the 213. Not sure which/if they fixed any flaws. For sure it has Celsius based TCR now.

I’d stay away in case you are a TC vaper, but I can not deny that I friggin’ love this mod in power mode :(. It is what it is, Sigelei has a very bad communication and seem not to care a lot about the TC problems. Honestly I do not care that this might just be 155W as I do not expect >200W in real life from a dual 18650 mod anyway…

GeekVape Eagle – first listing for $23.99

GeekVape will release the Eagle tank soon – looks like a Griffin 25 but running with prebuilt coil heads (called HBC = hand built coil). Similar to the TFV4 line, there will be plenty of different coil options. It is listed already at 3FVape but you can not preorder it. Price seems to be around $23.99 but I am sure this will be rectified soon and we’ll need a coupon code to get around the minimum advertised price 🙁 (like it is for the Tsunami, Griffin, a.s.o).





Pioneer4You IPV6X – $48.99 / $51.18

I just sold one of my three Sigelei 213s to have some room im my vape budget and of course I found immediately something to preorder and spend the money again:

The Pioneer4You IPV6X is available for $51.18 at FT or for only $48.99 at 3F. Preordering this device is a bit risky because there aren’t any reviews out there – not even any real life pictures so far! Therefore I did the preorder at FT so I can quickly change my mind and cancel the order myself in case it turns out as a bad device (unlikely though 😉 ).

Laude DNA75 = SMY SDNA75 = only $49.99

This might make some SMY SDNA75 buyers cranky. The Laude DNA75 mod is up for preorder (authentic DNA75 chip!) for $49.99 after coupon code “w6sZuX9wtl” (+ shipping) and surprisingly it looks exactly like the SMY SDNA75 which is $66.41 after coupon code MAP with free shipping.

edit: Updated post with coupon code I missed before, sorry.

Pioneer4You IPV 6X – $51.18

Yay, the new Pioneer4You IPV 6X is listed for $51.18. I am super interested in this mod but there is not a lot of information out there unfortunately. Black, brown and purple are the options you have so far. Waiting for some real life pics and first reviews. Also not sure why it is listed as 6X in several stores and what happend to the 6 😉 3F has it also up already for $48.99.

Shipping should happen around June 25th at the earliest.

CoilArt MAGE RTA – $25.99

Another RTA very similar to the Sigelei Moonshot is the CoilArt MAGE RTA, available for preorder for $25.99. Most reviews are really good so far and there is a bit of a hype going on for this one. I am not going to get it (lets see if I stick to my word…) because I am happy with the Moonshot and the IJoy Tornado is also on the way… enough is enough 😉