Pioneer4You IPV6X – $48.99 / $51.18

I just sold one of my three Sigelei 213s to have some room im my vape budget and of course I found immediately something to preorder and spend the money again:

The Pioneer4You IPV6X is available for $51.18 at FT or for only $48.99 at 3F. Preordering this device is a bit risky because there aren’t any reviews out there – not even any real life pictures so far! Therefore I did the preorder at FT so I can quickly change my mind and cancel the order myself in case it turns out as a bad device (unlikely though 😉 ).

Laude DNA75 = SMY SDNA75 = only $49.99

This might make some SMY SDNA75 buyers cranky. The Laude DNA75 mod is up for preorder (authentic DNA75 chip!) for $49.99 after coupon code “w6sZuX9wtl” (+ shipping) and surprisingly it looks exactly like the SMY SDNA75 which is $66.41 after coupon code MAP with free shipping.

edit: Updated post with coupon code I missed before, sorry.

Pioneer4You IPV 6X – $51.18

Yay, the new Pioneer4You IPV 6X is listed for $51.18. I am super interested in this mod but there is not a lot of information out there unfortunately. Black, brown and purple are the options you have so far. Waiting for some real life pics and first reviews. Also not sure why it is listed as 6X in several stores and what happend to the 6 😉 3F has it also up already for $48.99.

Shipping should happen around June 25th at the earliest.

CoilArt MAGE RTA – $25.99

Another RTA very similar to the Sigelei Moonshot is the CoilArt MAGE RTA, available for preorder for $25.99. Most reviews are really good so far and there is a bit of a hype going on for this one. I am not going to get it (lets see if I stick to my word…) because I am happy with the Moonshot and the IJoy Tornado is also on the way… enough is enough 😉

Lost Vape Triade DNA200 – $140.91

This seems to be some sort of high-end Reuleaux: The Lost Vape Triade with DNA200 chip is available for $140.91 (use coupon code FC2015). That’s not cheap at all, but on par with the DNA200 version of the Reuleaux. Reviews are very good so far! Maybe hype, maybe real, we’ll see. I hope this comes down to $120-$130 soon (but unlikely tbh).

Sigelei Snowwolf 218W TC – $99.99

This one ain’t cheap: Sigelei claimed back the Snowwolf brand and will release the Snowwolf 218W TC mod which is up for preorder for the bargain of $99.99.

Features similar to the Sigelei 213 and the Fuchai 213 with TCR (Celsius this time, not Fahrenheit 😉 ), TFR, SS, Ni, Ti etc.. The stabilized wood panel face plate gives this mod some sort of premium touch. This is supposed to be interchangeable. Not firmware upgradable though (again)!

Some nice offers for today’s 10% off sale