SXK Kayfun V5 // unbranded vs. branded // comparison

Rumors were going on that the unbranded SXK Kayfun V5 from Fasttech ($20.64 after coupon code MAP) is actually not made by SXK. So I did buy one from 3F with logos and got it today ($24.00 here).

I am now 99.9% positive that these rumors are NOT true. The unbranded one from FT is exactly the same as the branded one from 3F. In both packages, one of the smaller packages was upside down in the box, every piece matches exactly, the airflow tube is on both 3.1mm, every machine mark is the same and both were a little bit dirty.

I will do some comparison pictures as a proof and upload them later. For now have a potato picture:


Vaporesso Guardian One 40W – $28.95 for a nice starter kit

The Vaporesso Guardian One 40W starter kit is listed for $28.95. This one looks like a decent advanced starter kit so far! Not sure if all the issues are solve with the cCELL coils. 2ml, child lock, leak resistant.. looks TPD proof 🙂

Available in Silver or Black. Just saw that it is listed here already and stated a release date of July 7th.. but it is still on preorder there.

SMOK X-Cube Ultra – $30.99 soon?

The upcoming X-Cube Ultra is listed for only $30.99 but not available for preorder currently. Price looks really good (if true), guess this will have the same internals as the H-PRIV 220 (around $45).

It is smaller than the original X-Cube and lighter. For $31 this would be a winner, but I have the feeling that the price will change before the preorder period starts.

Let’s hope for some more listings soon!

Sense Herakles (RTA-2) mini – $25.91 // Hotcig R150 – $71.94

Sweet new listing: The Sense Herakles (RTA-2) mini for $25.91. I am sure this one rocks and a nice alternative to the Griffin mini (and a bit cheaper)!

Also worth a look: Coupon code MAP is active for the waterproof Hotcig R150 for $71.94. (Update: $69.99 in a flash sale right now here)

HCigar VT75 for $73 (and more offers) – Lost Vape coupon codes

Gearbest will update one of their flash sale pages in 2 hours (should be 12:00 UTC?). One of the offers will be the HCigar VT75 for $73 and also the Limitless RDTA Plus will be on sale (have no price, sorry).

Here are some coupon codes for the beautiful Lost Vape mods which makes them a bit cheaper (but still expensive though).


SMOK H-PRIV 220 – new colors – $45.49

I was not a big fan of the looks of the H-PRIV but it seems to be a very good and accurate mod (see review below). There seem to be new color options available soon (and a different finish) and it looks great! I love the black/orange one and it is listed here for $45.49. Definitely on my list now. White/orange seems to be a new option too.