IJOY Combo RDTA – $26.74 – interesting one!

This is an interesting new arrival on several levels.

The IJOY Combo RDTA is $26.74 after coupon code MAP, also available are the different replacement decks and the RDA base and prebuilt coils!

This looks very much like the Limitless but improved with the swappable decks (seven options) and a bit like the Aspire Quad Flex Kit.

Limitless accused IJOY of stealing their designs, the statement from IJOY tells a different story. Much drama but interesting to read.

Griffin 25 Mini clone – $16.34 (kit) or $12.17 (standalone)

Another good looking clone is available, this time a GeekVape Griffin 25 Mini clone for $16.34 as a kit or $12.17 standalone. I’ll keep an eye on this one and see what the reviews say.

The Authentic one is available here for $30.19 after coupon code MAP or still in a flashsale here for $24.33 (mine are in transit already 🙂 )

Awesome: Joyetech Ultimo – great Clearomizer for $19.76

I have the Joyetech Ultimo at home for over a week now (you can get it here for $19.76) but have not tried it so far. Reviews were really good but I thought this is just another tank with prebuilt coils (though a very nice RBA is available for only $4.39 including some notch coils).

Today was the day when I finally put in the Ceramic coil head and tried it the first time. The reviews were indeed not exaggerated. This is the best vape I had so far out of a tank with prebuilt coils. Flavor is stellar, vapor production is great and absolutely no leaking at all so far – also it wicks like a champ. This one is a winner for this price. I will do a follow up in a few days how it holds up. I am really impressed!

There are also rewickable notch coil heads available that might be worth a try. A bummer that they are not included in the original package (only the ceramic and a clapton one).

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 21.32.03

Go for it!

Firmware update: Eleaf iStick Pico 75W

Eleaf has released a new firmware update for the Eleaf iStick Pico 75W (available for $26.71 here or in a flash sale for $22.93 here).

Quote: “Based on firmware V1.01, new firmware V1.02 is updated with a boot/shutdown animation, a more simplified TC interface and an intuitive progress bar of vaping time.”

You can download the Firmware update from the Eleaf Website.

Hexohm 3.0 clone – $50.50

So this one is interesting or at least worth a mention. There is a HexOhm 3.0 clone available for $50.50. This is really really expensive for a clone. So either this is great because it went out of the backdoor of the original manufacturer or someone is really confident that people will buy this for this price.

One thing to mention about the name. There are Hexohm V3 clones out there (not 3.0) which are basically from the cloners further modified V2 clones (with new stuff that is not in the authentic one). Do not confuse them with this 3.0 clone which is actually a real clone of an authentic product and not some sort of imaginary clone like the V3 was.

PS: It says “HEX-730 chip” in the description. Whatever this means. Any1 know what the authentic one has in it or what it is named?

Awesome Vapemail Day! (RX2/3, VT75 nano)

I need to share my excitement, sorry:

Just received the Wismec Reuleaux RX2/3 (only $36.99 after coupon code RX2/3DE in black. A Grey one is on the way too (will swap some panels to make it a bit unique).

Also HUGE shoutout to Gearbest for sending me the HCigar Nano VT75 in black for a review! Heavy thanks.


Aspire updates: Cleito 120 // Quad-Flex Kits

Here is an update on some of the most recent Aspire products:

Cthulhu RTA V3 26mm – $32.67

This one has been released a while ago but takes a bit to get listed at the bigger shops: The Cthulhu RTA V3 is available for $32.67 in silver or black. 26mm diameter, 20mm build deck, (only) 5ml. Single and Dual coil deck is included.

Also new from CthulhuMOD is the Shuriken RDA for $22.14. Clamp style posts, two airflow barrels.

Flavor chaser: Rose V3 clone – $19

Here is a clone for flavor chasers: The Rose V3 is cloned for $19.18 here or $18.99 here. Not a lot of pictures out there and you might want to wait for some reviews. In the meanwhile, here is one for the authentic:

PS: I am currently on holiday and as an add on I am down with a fever… Nevertheless I try to catch all good new arrivals and deals, but sorry if I miss some in this week.