Vaporesso Guardian One 40W – $28.95 for a nice starter kit

The Vaporesso Guardian One 40W starter kit is listed for $28.95. This one looks like a decent advanced starter kit so far! Not sure if all the issues are solve with the cCELL coils. 2ml, child lock, leak resistant.. looks TPD proof 🙂

Available in Silver or Black. Just saw that it is listed here already and stated a release date of July 7th.. but it is still on preorder there.

SMOK X-Cube Ultra – $30.99 soon?

The upcoming X-Cube Ultra is listed for only $30.99 but not available for preorder currently. Price looks really good (if true), guess this will have the same internals as the H-PRIV 220 (around $45).

It is smaller than the original X-Cube and lighter. For $31 this would be a winner, but I have the feeling that the price will change before the preorder period starts.

Let’s hope for some more listings soon!

Sense Herakles (RTA-2) mini – $25.91 // Hotcig R150 – $71.94

Sweet new listing: The Sense Herakles (RTA-2) mini for $25.91. I am sure this one rocks and a nice alternative to the Griffin mini (and a bit cheaper)!

Also worth a look: Coupon code MAP is active for the waterproof Hotcig R150 for $71.94. (Update: $69.99 in a flash sale right now here)

HCigar VT75 for $73 (and more offers) – Lost Vape coupon codes

Gearbest will update one of their flash sale pages in 2 hours (should be 12:00 UTC?). One of the offers will be the HCigar VT75 for $73 and also the Limitless RDTA Plus will be on sale (have no price, sorry).

Here are some coupon codes for the beautiful Lost Vape mods which makes them a bit cheaper (but still expensive though).


SMOK H-PRIV 220 – new colors – $45.49

I was not a big fan of the looks of the H-PRIV but it seems to be a very good and accurate mod (see review below). There seem to be new color options available soon (and a different finish) and it looks great! I love the black/orange one and it is listed here for $45.49. Definitely on my list now. White/orange seems to be a new option too.

Wismec RX200S is now 250W too

Wismec has released a software update for their RX200S ($36.93 today after coupon code FREEDOM), pushing it now to 250W too and the display timeout has been extended.

You can download the update here.

The RX200S is $36.93 in silver only today after coupon code FREEDOM, $39.47 in other color options (same coupon code), or $39.64 in a flash sale here.