P4Y IPV6X – 3 versions – review – like it anyway…

The DJLsb review for the Pioneer4You IPV6X is out finally and clarifies some rumores.

There are 3 software versions out there. 1.2, 1.3 and 1.5.
Second: the device is not firmware upgradable

v1.2: no reverse polarity protection, no button lock, non working TCR mode
v1.3: reverse polarity protection, button lock, non working TCR mode
v1.5: reverse polarity protection, button lock, working TCR mode

It seems that they also improved the battery door somewhere between these versions so it does not pop open so easily. Personally I never this problem but heard lots of them.

My luck: I have a 1.2 from the first batch in blue and just got my black one which is 1.3. Damn it!

Nevertheless, I really like this mod. Obviously I am attracted to flawed mods since I love the Sigelei 213 too :). The missing button lock an my blue one is a show stopper though, the black one is perfect for me (since I am not using the manual TCR anyway). The finish on the black one is beautiful too, the centered 510 and the weight makes it one of my favorite mods.

With the 1.5 this seems like a pretty perfect mods, except the missing firmware upgradability :(. So, do I recommend it? Yes. Do I understand that people are super pissed? Yes 🙁

You can buy the IPV6X here for $51.18 or here for $50.99!


Hexohm 3.0 – authentic vs. clone!

Finally, here we go! I just got the Hexohm 3.0 clone in ($46.02 here, $49.99 here). Thanks to Focalecig for handing this over for a discounted price.

Having an authentic I was really curious how this Hexohm 3.0 clone will be since the manufacturer pics were pretty nice and the board pictures actually looked like an authentic one on a quick glance. I’ll try to do this quick and highlight some differences.

  • The shape is exactly the same, the weight of the authentic is 180g, the clone is 165g.
  • The authentic button has a bit of a travel first and then a nice high-pitched click. The button on the clone has no travel at all, is clicky too but with a very dull click. Also it is near impossible to push the button just a bit on the clone, you need a bit of the force and then the click happens and you have it pressed in all the way. It isn’t bad on the clone, just completely different and I like the Otto P9 on the authentic a lot more.
  • The finish on the authentic is perfect and has a smooth just lighly textured paint. The clone has a pretty rough paint on it – it feels like sandpaper and not very good in the hand.
  • The potentiometer looks very similar but is not the same. I gently pushed against the poti on the clone and I pushed it in for 3mm… Gr8.. now I have to open it again and push it back. Nothing like that happens on the authentic.
  • The 510 connector looks very similar too but the finish on the clone is a bit rougher. The one on the Clone is easier to press in and has more travel. The one on the authentic is stiffer and doesn’t have that much travel.
  • The battery door on the authentic fits perfect. You have to give it a last push for it to close perfect and the magnets are very strong. The battery door on the clone has half a milimeter play all around and the magnets are not as strong, but still strong enough for the door to be securely in place. That play is a bit annoying though.
  • Both mods have battery straps to remove the cells with the Hexohm logo. On the clone they are upside down 🙂
  • The shape of the battery sled is exactly the same. The one on the authentic has a matte “finish”, the one on the clone is shiny black. The spring loaded contacts are stiffer on the authentic compared to the clone.
  • The board and wiring. As you can see on the pictures below, the wires are soldered directly on the board on the clone and use some sort of clamps on the authentic (sorry, no clue what this is called). Whilst the board looks similar at a first glance, it is just the layout that is the same. The cloners board is a bit dirty and on the clone it says “Hexohm 2s”, the one on the authentic “Hex-T”. Definitely not the same board but they did copy the layout.
  • The on/off switch on the authentic has a shorter throw.

Does the clone work? So far, yes. At 100%, both seem to have the same power. I did not notice any differences but have not used it a lot yet.

Would I buy this for a whopping $50? No, sorry. If you always wanted to have a Hexohm, I’d go for the real deal with lifetime warranty and a well build mod. That does not mean you should do this – just my personal opinion. The clone seems to work fine, but overall I was really disappointed with so many differences, most of them to the negative side.

Hope this helps!

And now some pictures.

Left: authentic, Right: clone


Top: clone, Bottom: authentic


Top: clone, Bottom: authentic


Left: clone, Right: authentic


Left: authentic, Right: clone






SMOK Alien Kit – now in blue, white and orange – $58.98 // SJMY stuff

The SMOK Alien Kit (incl. the TFV8 Baby) is now available in blue, white and orange for $58.98.

The RBA for the TFV8 Baby Beast is also out already for $9.46 (preorder)

After SXK, Fasttech is now explicitly stating which clones are from SJMY. I like that 🙂 A bunch of new clones are listed today.