IJOY Limitless classic edition – RDTA/RDA – interchangeable decks – $27.10

Nice new tank from IJOY: The IJOY Limitless classic for $27.10 after coupon code MAP is an RDTA, an RDA (RDA base included) and has interchangeable decks! Take a look, available in 5 color versions.

This is very similar to the IJOY Combo RDTA, and IJOY and Limitless had a (public) dispute about this atty… Funny that they released it under the IJOY brand anyway.

The Combo has the IMC-3 and IMC-2 included, the Limitless the IMC-3 and IMC-7.

Vapemail: GeekVape Griffin 25 Plus – EHPro Billow v2.5

Since there aren’t any new arrivals I am excited about, I will just post a handcheck with recent vapemail:

I have high hopes for both. For the Griffin that I can finally handle the wicking and that it does not leak (though I read it tends to leak between airflow and juice flow control πŸ™ ), and for the EHPro Billow v2.5 since it has a pretty small chamber and should give great flavor! I’ll keep you updated.

PS: Both are pretty large and the Griffin is fat too! πŸ™‚

LostVape Triade DNA250 – $127.95 // SMOK Big Baby – $26.92

Some new arrivals on Sunday: The LostVape Triade, now with DNA250 chip for $127.95 (reverse polarity protection and 2A charging now) – don’t be confused, the pictures are from the Therion and not the Triade… but you’ll get the correct one.

Also new: The fatter bro of the Baby Beast, the SMOK Big Baby for $26.92.

Kindbright Petri RTA clone (silver) – $16.99

Don’t say I did not warn you: The Kindbright Petri RTA clone is available for $16.99 and you might want to get this one. Why? Fasttech and Focalecig have pulled all Petri RTA clones, so not sure how long they are available.

Focalecig had the ShenRay version, but Kindbright does some pretty good stuff normally too. So this one is worth a try.

The gold SXK one is still available here.

FYI: Petri RTA/RDA clones pulled

Just FYI: All Petri RDA/RTA clones have been pulled today from Fasttech.

The SXK RTA clone is still available in a flash sale for $16.65, for the RDA clones and ShenRay RTA clones, take a look here.

If you are on the fence for one of these, better go for it now!

Not that anyone that is on the fence for the authentic would buy the clone… but that’s just my opinion. And I spent $450 on two Authentic SOI Shorty Mechs with RDA after trying some clones btw…

CoilArt Mage GTA – $25.07

The new CoilArt Mage GTA is $25.07 after coupon code MAP. Yes, you read this correct, not Mage RTA but GTA. I have literally no idea what this is, but we will find out soon πŸ™‚ Maybe something like the Digiflavor Fuji but shorter?

Curious about this one, if you have more info, let me know here. I want to know if I need this or not πŸ˜‰

P4Y IPV6X – 3 versions – review – like it anyway…

The DJLsb review for the Pioneer4You IPV6X is out finally and clarifies some rumores.

There are 3 software versions out there. 1.2, 1.3 and 1.5.
Second: the device is not firmware upgradable

v1.2: no reverse polarity protection, no button lock, non working TCR mode
v1.3: reverse polarity protection, button lock, non working TCR mode
v1.5:Β reverse polarity protection, button lock, working TCR mode

It seems that they also improved the battery door somewhere between these versions so it does not pop open so easily. Personally I never this problem but heard lots of them.

My luck: I have a 1.2 from the first batch in blue and just got my black one which is 1.3. Damn it!

Nevertheless, I really like this mod. Obviously I am attracted to flawed mods since I love the Sigelei 213 too :). The missing button lock an my blue one isΒ a show stopper though, the black one is perfect for me (since I am not using the manual TCR anyway). The finish on the black one is beautiful too, the centered 510 and the weight makes it one of my favorite mods.

With the 1.5 this seems like a pretty perfect mods, except the missing firmware upgradability :(. So, do I recommend it? Yes. Do I understand that people are super pissed? Yes πŸ™

You can buy the IPV6X here for $51.18 or here for $50.99!