SMOANT Battlestar – $36.01 and a first look

Gearbest was so kind and sent me over a SMOANT Battlestar to take a look ($36.01 in a flash sale!)

I used it the whole day today and it is really fine so far (only power mode used). The button in rattling when you shake it, the display isn’t as beautiful as the RX series but the big pro is the battery door compared to the RX2/3 and the 510 seems to have more travel and will hold up better.

That squeeeeky yellow and black isn’t my thing though but there are other color options 😉

Sled looks similar to the RX2/3 (which is a pro), door fits very good with strong magnets. Also it is more on the lightweight side (compared with other bricks 😉 ). Will post an update in a few days.

SXK Complyfe Battle RDA V2 Clone – $11.14

In case you are interest at the Complyfe Battle RDA V2, take a look at this clone from SXK for only $11.14 after coupon code MAP! SXK does some nice stuff and the clones are pretty close to the original ones.

I hope there is more clearance between the positive and the negative post in real life than on the pictures. This looks pretty close 🙂

Pre-alert: Flash sales on November 7th and 9th

Gearbest is planning some special flash sales for November 7th and November 9th, so stay tuned for some nice offers.

Rumors say that the HCigar VT75 nano will be $60.99, the Wismec RX2/3 $39.99 and the iStick Pico 75W $19.99.

All three aren’t bad, but I hope for more and maybe some 0.01 cent offers or 50% off like in the past 🙂

I’ll keep you updated.

Pioneer4You IPV8 – $49.99

The Pioneer4You IPV8 230W is up for preorder for $49.99 & shipping. Not a lot of info out there but a short video on the P4Y Instagram page. Shipping is planned for the last week of November.

Give the track record with the IPV6X that took 3 versions to work flawless finally, you might want to wait.. or just jump on it because $50.. you know..

IJOY RDTA Box – $49.49 after coupon code // RDTA Mod for $40.92

New coupon code for the IJOY RDTA Box: $49.49 after “ijoykit”!

If you are more the mech guy, take a look at this RDTA Mod here for $40.92. A limitless mod together with the RDTA classic. I am sure Limitless isn’t happy about this offer after the recent drama…