VTC and Cuboid Software update – Custom logos supported

Joyetech released a firmware update for the eVic VTC as well as the Cuboid and supports now custom logos. Seems they got the idea from all the custom firmwares out there 🙂

You can download the VTC Mini Software here and the Cuboid one here.

The VTC Mini is currently $35.88 here and the Cuboid is $39.87 here 🙂

Asmodus, China and the original inofficial SnowWolf Mini 90W

Not a deal (will research a coupon code though) but a hilarious story: The chinese factory that produces the stuff for Asmodus (f.e. SnowWolf) decided to do their own thing and sell and produce now at their own discretion.

Asmodus patents seem only to be valid in the US, so the chinese manufacturer sells existing and new stuff like the inofficial but somehow authentic SnowWolf Mini 90W without Asmodus consent.

Lots of shady stories out there for Asmodus… karma might be a bitch 😉

Kangside KSD 200W – YiHi SX340 – RX like

Kangside (the guys that did the Vamo) released their RX-style mod named KSD 200W including a YiHi SX340 board for $46.94!

Not sure if this is good or bad. YiHi chips are great, copying the Reuleaux but making it bigger is not so good. See for yourself! Black, Blue or Red are your options.

A centered 510 would have made it unique… what a lost chance.

GeekVape Avocado 24 – $33.99 … and some more upcoming stuff & Giveaway

First preorder listing for the GeekVape Avocado 24 for $33.99 (+ shipping) is available here. GeekVape puts lots of pressure on all the dealers so they respect the minimum advertised price (MAP) and no coupon codes are allowed. Let’s see how we can get around this.

There is also a Giveaway running for the Avocado 24 (enter here).

Some other new stuff: