Hexohm V3 splatter box ($43.78)

Oh man, just got my black Hexohm V3 from FT and now there are some in splatter look with matchy matchy buttons. $43.78 is a bit pricey, but in case this is the same manufacturer as my black one, they are great!

Update: Now available at Fasttech for $40.43 ($38.41 after RMBBUST). Somehow the red version has a black button here…

Update II: And now at 3FVape too! $39.99

What I know, these boxes are Storm boxes and not Hexohm as there is no V3 and only versions without display. Whatever.. for SEO reasons… Storm, Hexohm, Storm, Hexohm 😉

Joyetech eVic VT (Full Kit) for $45.22 + UD double twisted Kanthal for free!

Another GB special offer for the eVic VT. The black Full Kit (including the Joyetech eGo Mega) is available in black for $45.22! Grab it in case you missed the other deal (out of stock). It seems to focus is more on the mini version now so you can grab great deals on the regular VT.

You can also get a spool of UD double twisted Kanthal wire for free (grab the “buy togeter & save” offer below the product”.

Since you can not use a promo code there to bring the price down further, use your points!

Update: offer is gone, I hope you were able to grab one!

SMOK TFV4 for $23.99 (FULL KIT!!) and $10.99 for a pack of Quad coils

Gearbest has the SMOK TFV4 FULL KIT (so including RBA, triple and quad coil, spare glass, vape bands) for only $23.99! For the same price you can also grab it in black. In addition there is a 5 pack of Quad coils for only $10.99 available.

How low can it go… grab this offer for the unlikely case that you don’t have an TFV4 already 😉

Eleaf iStick 60W TC, Joyetech eVic VTC mini, UD Bellus, SMOK TFV4 – mega deals

efun.top just published a preorder for the new Eleaf iStick 60W TC! For only $24.49 you are in! Grab it while you can at this price.

Also available as a Kit with the Melo 2 Atomizer for $39.90. (update: they changed the price now to $60? Would not make sense with $25 for the iStick… )

Another great offer is the Joyetech eVIC VTC Mini for $28.89, and the UD Bellus for only $18.50 as well as the SMOK TFV4 for only $18.90.

Freemax Starre Pro in black?

Just found the Freemax Starre Pro in black for $19.94. Comes down to $18.85 when using the coupon code promoprogb. Did not realize there is one out there.

Don’t be put off by the bad pictures, I am sure it looks great IRL. Actually the Starre Pro is a very nice tank and when filling it correctly (means turn the top valve OFF after refilling) – it does not leak. You can get the Starre Pro really cheap as the Uwell Crown is more in the spotlight.

The silver version is only $17.18!!