Vaporshark DNA200 with Vape Shield arrived :)

No PSA, just because I am personally excited: My Vaporshark DNA200 with VapeShield ordered during the Labor Day Sales arrived safely today!

Looking good so far. Size is nice, definitely did not expect it to be soo lightweight! No scratches or dents, lets see how it performs (but we know already it is great.. it is a DNA200…).

The Vaporshark DNA200 is $199.99 (without nano coating). More expensive than the VapeCige or HCigar, but less than some other DNA200s. Worth it I guess, but can understand that this is quite an investment. Will keep u updated if a deals pops up somwhere and of course with any findings and tips on this device.

Time for some new cells? 4x Samsung 25R for $14.27 and LG HG2 for $15.99

Gearbest has a 4 pack of the Samsung 25R for $14.99 ($14.27 after coupon code promoprogb). Go for the green version as this is the newer revision – the blue one is the older one. Not a big difference between these two but the green is supposed to sustain more charging cycles. The 25R is the best choice for higher amp vaping.

As an alternative, the 4 pack LG HG2 is available for $15.99!

Price check: 4x Samsung 25R at Fasttech are $18.08 after coupon code BLF

New OneHitWonder Flavor: MyMan

OneHitWonderEliquids just released a new flavor: A Neapolitan Ice Cream Flavor called MyMan.

I just ordered a bottle together with some more Muffin Man. You can also use Coupon Code “MYMAN” for a 15ml free sample with your order. I will report back as soon as I have it in my hands. I went through 60ml Muffin Man in 3 days… time to get some more. I love this stuff!

Wotofo Sapor for $12.73 later, or $15.99 now ;)

Just got my Wotofo Sapor and approved it as good. Machining is good, easy to build on. Raise your coils a bit and you get great flavor and plenty of airflow. Great thing: you can not overdrip on this atty. For the price a steal, so go for it.

Either buy at Fasttech for $12.73 (coupon code RMBBUST) or at 3FVape for $15.99 (in stock).

Both have closed until October 7th, and RMBBUST @ FT is only valid today!

Smowell Hatrick Topfill triple tank

Not really a deal but a tank that is definitely worth a closer look is the Smowell Hatrick ($29.99). It is somehow a direct competitor to the Smok TFV4 when it comes to cloud chasing with pre-made coils. Replacement coils are available for $17.62 (4 pcs).

Btw: Fasttech lowered the price for the single SMOK TFV4 to $18.67. Together with the coupon code RMBBUST (which should be still valid until end of the month) this is a great deal.

SXK Zero Mini – powered by Nebula @ GB for $45.34

Gearbest just listed the new SXK Zero Mini for $48.42, $45.34 after code “promoprogb”! It has the same chip as the SXK Nebula, supposedly with a newer software revision and a Ti and Ni preset. Nevertheless you can choose your desired TCR via the Menu for Stainless Steel wire for example. Great chip, great mod!