Good news for the Wismec Reuleaux RX200

You might have heard that the Wismec Reuleaux RX200 has some issues with burning the cotton when completely dry. The German reviewer Obi posted a statement on his FB page that Joyetech is testing several Firmware versions, and the last one (1.07b) seem to fix the problem! So good news 🙂

This issue shows how important it is to have a user firmware-upgradeable device!

You can grab the Wismec RX200 at several places for a great price:

RX200 for $48.84 at GB
RX200 for $45.78 after code XMAS at FT
RX200 for $46.54 after code 3FVAPEXmas at 3F
RX200 for $45.49 (+shipping) at efun
RX200 for $44.99 (+shipping) at cigabuy

SUBOX, TOPBOX, KBOX, NEBOX … wrap it up!

Kangertechs product line is a bit out of hand currently. So many new stuff, lots of updates, lots of (broken) promises for fixes.

Lets start from the beginning: Once upon a time, there was a KBOX. And Subtanks (regular, mini, nano )

The KBOX is 40W device with presetted wattages and a spring loaded 510 – without TC of course

Then there is the KBOX mini, paired with a Subtank Mini called the SUBOX. A non TC, fixed pin, stylish 50W device

Right afterwards there was the SUBOX nano. The KBOX mini a bit smaller and a Subtank Nano instead of the Mini. Non TC, spring loaded 510.

The All-in-one device is called NEBOX. A 60W device with TC, an integrated PC Tank and introducing new round coils that are also compatible with the Subtank series

Coming up soon is the TOPBOX nano. An updated SUBOX nano featuring a Subtank nano with top filling mechanism (the Toptank). 60W and TC.

In the meanwhile, there is also a KBOX Platinum. A full SS Kbox Mini, but with TC and a spring loaded 510 – somehow a Subox mini like it should have been in first place.

Fresh announced is the KBOX 200. Looks like a NEBOX, but is a 200W dual 18650 device with TC (also Ni-Cr TC?) and a spring loaded 510.

Also announced is a SUBOX Pro. A KBOX mini with 75W (so a TOPTANK mini on a KBOX mini TC), TempControl, spring loaded 510 and on top a funny looking Subtank with top fill that looks somehow different to the TOPTANK.

Oh yes, and a tube style set, the SUBVOD. A round battery and a TOPTANK nano on top. I guess.

All clear? Confused? Yes? Me too.

Uh, I forgot. Maybe there will be a KBOX 70. Has a build-in 4000mAh battery most likely.



SMOK Micro One Starter Kit – Micro TFV4? Rly?

Apparently there is a new SMOK Start Kit coming soon – The SMOK Micro One. This includes a TFV4 Micro! Really? It takes me 5 minutes to vape my tank empty on the TFV4 Mini 🙂 Actually it seems to be the same fill volume with the extension Kit as the TFV4 mini (3.5ml). Without extension it is 2.5ml

This has separate micro coils sitting on an R80TC 80Watts mod with build-in 4000mAh battery.

Available for preorder for $54.89.

GB: Cyber Monday Deals – FT: Last day to get 10% off!

Take a look at the Gearbest Cyber Monday deals for some nice offers. Nothing extraordinary but a few $$ off of some great products. $38.40 for a Sigelei 75W, $28.52 for the Koopor Mini, 13.86 for the Starre Pro – worth a look.

And don’t forget: This is the last day you get 10% off at Fasttech with coupon code XMAS! In December it will go down to 5% – so in case you still have something on your wish list, better buy it now!

Kangertech NEBOX for $44.09 + eVic with TRON $44.09 + RX200 $39.59

Another Black Friday offer from 3F, this time for the Kangertech NEBOX for $44.09 after code BlackFriday! The item is in stock and ships in 24h.

Also nice: The Joyetech eVic VTC Mini with TRON Atomizer for $44.09. The VTC is still the biggest surprise for me in 2015 so far.

And don’t forget about the Wismec Reuleaux RX200 offer which is still valid: only $39.59 after code BlackFriday and you are in!

A Kanger SUBOX nano with TC and a Subtank with top-fill? The TOPBOX

There is an updated SUBOX nano as well as an updated Subtank coming, together it is called the Kangertech TOPBOX. Seems to be the SUBOX with TC (60W) and a Subtank nano with top fill (=Toptank) as well as the new SSOCC coils that are known from the NEBOX.

Available for preorder for $47.99 and you can still use the code BlackFriday for 10% off!

510 threading connection;
Temperature Control;
Support 0.1 ohm above;
Variable Wattage: Wattage can be adjusted from 7W 60W;
OLED shows battery level, voltage, wattage and resistance;
Micro USB port;
Short circuit protection;
Overcurrent protection;
Over use 10s protection;
Powered by 1 x 18650 battery (not included)

510 threading connection;
Top filling;
Capacity: 3.2mL;
SSOCC coil: 0.15 Ohm Ni200;
SSOCC coil: 1.5 Ohm