Griffin clone for $12.62 (in stock!) – first look

I just got my Griffin clone in the mail ($12.62 and in stock here), gave it a good wash and did a first look (haven’t fired it up though).

I have to say it looks pretty good. If someone would hand me this with logos, I could not say it is a clone. On the second look you can see that it is not 1:1 of course (apart from the missing logos obviously).

Here is a comparison picture with the real deal. Ignore the f*cked up chimney on my authentic… I did some drilling and sanding there. The left one is the clone in case you can not spot it 😉


The 510 pin is the most noticeable difference. The Insulator wasn’t cut properly and it is protruding a bit more. All the rest is great. Very smooth threads, perfect juice flow control resistance and overall it looks extremely close to 1:1. No stripped post screws, everything fits together. The airflow seems to be a tad tighter than the authentic. Next time I take my authentic apart I’ll see if the parts are interchangeable.

So far, green light from my side. Come on, it is $12

PS: Machine oil everywhere, just like the authentic, so give it a very good wash.

About the Indulgence MuTank

I was really looking forward to the Indulgence Mutank ($27.99) but was then highly disappointed with the stock coils. They were super flavorless and I was pretty annoyed so I ignored this tank. Once I did a build on the RBA that comes with it (4 post) and it was leaking, so it went in the shame box.

Yesterday I discovered it again and I did another build with an insane amount of cotton and I have to say I love it. This RBA needs so much cotton but it also wicks so well and the flavor is great. GrimmGreen was right that this is a very very nice tank in case you use the RBA.

Unfortunately I can not get hold of the velocity styled deck but just found a listing on everzon for the Mutank including the velocity RBA for $20.90 after you logged it. You can get the velocity RBA offline in the UK for example, but somehow barely in china.

I threw in a dual fused 4 wrap clapton #cloudzbro build at .25 ohms, vaping it at 70W and it just works so well. Apart from not beeing able to do huge builds, there is nothing this tank can not do what the Griffin could potentially do.

It is available in stock here, so maybe you want to give it a try too! I am impressed after the disappointment 🙂

Uwell Rafale – shallow flavor – nice tank nonetheless

After my Uwell Rafale was stuck at customs for a few week, I finally had the chance to vape a few tanks.

It is the best machined tank I had so far, it looks just beautiful and there is no machine oil at all. Same is true for the stock and replacement coils. They are super clean and have absolutely no taste of its own right from the beginning. Packaging is a work of art too.

Flavor is muted, it is true what other reviews say. Removing the spiral thing out of the chimney definitley helps a bit (and it is useless anyway) but it is still not on par with the crown.

Airflow is HUGE. Super wide open, I love that but never thought a tank might have close to too much airflow.

You can get it for $24.73 here or for $25.49 here (ships in 24h). Replacement coils are around $8.5 for a 5pack. VRBA (vertical RBA) is available for $9.99 and already on the way to my place.

Get the Tesla Invader III – confirmed by dcv :)

I am switching a lot between all my mods and atomizers so it is sometimes hard to give a good verdict about a product.

Currently I am using my two Tesla Invader III (silver and black) and I am sooo happy. It has no display, it is just a VV device, but it has all the protections one needs, has a great build quality, a nice battery sled, instant firing and a GREAT battery life. I get out of 2x25R (2500 mAh each) nearly as much as I get from 3x 30Q (3000mAh each).

Get it, fully recommended from my side. $40.38 here or currently only $32.18 here! Great price! Looks sexy with the GeekVape Griffin 🙂

VapeCige VTBox200 – $118.58 and I got mine!

So after 4 month back and forth, delays, new revisions, reordering and anyway cancelling, I finally got my VapeCige VTBox 200! And what a coincidence, I just realized that there has been a price drop and you can grab it for $118.58 after code XMAS 🙂 Got mine for $115 here , but you need to send me your login email so I can send you back a special code (which might take a few days).

Anyway, this thing is polarizing. It looks kinda cool but is really heavy. Did not expect that because I was used to my very lightweight Vaporshark DNA200. it says 1800mAh, but is more likely 1400-1500mAh, so super exaggerated specifications here. You can get a good quality replacement 1300mAh for cheap and I’ll look if there fits in a dual 18650 bay – but I guess not.

The new rubberized finish on the black and white is beautiful, not sure how the latest revision of the black/red is currently. My serial is around 8000 and the chip has been programmed mid of November. Looks like they fixed all the annoying flaws and it is buyable now! So grab it if you like, $118 is not bad for a DNA200 mod. Don’t forget to set everything in eScribe the first time, you have to do it yourself (most important: set it to 14.5Wh)

ERMAGHERD, OHW MyMan is great!

Dripped 15ml MyMan today and I can definitely recommend it. I _love_ this liquid so much already. It is on par with MuffinMan, not sure if I’d rank it better or not. Chocolate is dominant with a perfect undertone of Strawberry and Vanilla. The composition will change for sure after some steeping. Thick clouds naturally because of the 80/20 ratio (VG/PG). Very well done OneHitWonder. Grab it here please!

Btw: The DRAGO Cotton is very nice too.

SMOK TFV4 Tricoil after >200ml Red Astaire

After 15 days of constant use (which results in >200ml juice) I decided to change my coil in the TFV4. The flavor was still good though. Red Astaire is not gunking the coils a lot, but it has some artificial coloring in it that cover the coils more than other juices.

I am quite impressed as it is by far not as bad as I expected it to be. I did not check the coil beforehand as it is always a pain to disassemble the tank because of my constant fear of breaking the weak orings. The wire is discoloured but there are not a lot of crumbs on it, the inner cotton sheet is dirty of course.

A tip for changing the coils: Use the Richard Ng method, means: screw the coil on the chimney and then assemble the tank. The oring on the chimney is the weakest link and has to be screwed on tight for no leaking.

Twisted Messes RDA Clone, Revolt RDA Clone

I think it is always worth mentioning when one finds a clone with good machining and not a fucked up deck or screws. I got this Twisted Messes RDA Clone from focalecig a few weeks ago and had the chance to build a titanium TC coil a few days ago. I am really impressed with the quality! Definitely worth a try for $9.84. Rarely seen such a clean deck, no crooked posts and very good screws. O-rings are loose (like they are on the original) but I love it for dripping.

Another tip is this Revolt RDA version from Fasttech. The screws are not perfect and need some slight sanding and sometimes the screw pops back out. A slight pinch with some pliers fix this problem. I love it with the included competition drip-tip! Btw: The SS stand is available separately for $2.74.

A tank to rule them all – SMOK TFV4

Having the Kangertech Subtank, Aspire Triton, Uwell Crown, Freemax Starre Pro, UD Zephyrus, UD Goliath V2 at home, the SMOK TFV4 blows them all away. This is definitely no tank for low-wattage mods. Everything that can handle above 80W is perfect. The triple coil is a cloud chaser with good flavor, the quad coil a still blows huge clouds with tremendous flavor.

This thing sucks juice like I never saw before with another tank – so better do your own juice and don’t use the expensive premium ones. Otherwise you will easily spend $30 a day just for juice.

A real con are the really crappy o-rings. So take care of them – especially because there are no spare o-rings in the package. The full kit comes with a triple and a quad coil, the single RBA deck and a spare glass tank.

There are a lot more coils coming (all the coils are HUGE). For example a sextuple coil, several TC nickel coils and the one I am looking forward the most: a titanium coil (for TC too of course).

Let’s see if my excitement holds up for the next few days. Currently this is the strongest buy for a tank I could express.

Fasttech has the full kit for around $30.