CthulhuMod Gaia RDTA – best RDTA I had so far – $27.37

Weeks ago CthulhuMod sent me the Gaia RDTA for a review. I did not have high expectations for it and ignored it for a week. Finally I threw a build in it and was heavily impressed!

It is a 2ml RDTA, squonk friendly, dual coil, adjustable bottom airflow and side airflow. I am running it with the side airflow completely closed. The bottom one gives a slightly restricted draw with top notch flavor. I mean – really really intense flavor. You can fill it via a hole between the posts which is pretty convenient.

It has been listed today for $27.37 in silver or $29.12 in black! I did buy the black one of the manufacturers’ site already (for more $ of course) – it is that good.

Highly recommended in my opinion and worth a look.

Vapemail: Wotofo The Troll RTA – $24.75

Look who sneaked out before CNY and arrived today: The Wotofo The Troll RTA – available here for $24.75 or here for $23.99.

Whoever at Wotofo thought it is a great idea to use philips head grub screws is wrong – they aren’t. They work so far but I can feel them wearing out already. Other than that you need to have some space between the insulator and your coils – especially when dry firing. Do not overdo it or you have a burnt insulator (but it is a peek one, so you can abuse it a bit. It won’t burn right away).

The flavor is right on point, it wicks great, airflow is nice. Pretty happy so far – will update after I’ve gone through a few tanks. It guzzles juice of course…

OBS Engine Sub – awful :( (updated inside)

**UPDATE: Vapin heathen just commented on instagram that he heard they are updating the coils and mine are indeed pre-production versions – so there is hope :)**

I am a big fan of the OBS Engine RTA version and have it in all colors and sizes. So I was excited when heavengifts.com was so kind to send me the Sub versions with prebuilt coils to take a look. A few days later I got the regular version and the mini version delivered.

Inside the package is the tank with a preinstalled coil, a spare glass and a spare coil. These coils are some pretty big notch coils (big inner diameter) at 0.2 ohms meant to be vaped between 40 and 100 watts.

I did not feel comfortable posting my first impressions since the coils had an awful off taste and similar to other prebuilts, I was hoping that this goes away after a few puffs. But no.. it was still there and nearly unvapeable. After cleaning the whole tank thoroughly, rinsing with Isopropanol, cleaning it again and using a new coil – same result. I managed to go through a full tank of 5 mls and the horrible taste was still there. Just to triple check: same result with the coils from the other package.

Last resort: I did disassemble the coil completely afterwards to see if there are hot spots or if I can see burnt marks anywhere, but no: see for yourself:

I will vape the tanks forward to a friend to get a second opinion here. Also I contacted OBS to ask if there are different revisions or something like that. Maybe I got a pre-production model since it is still on pre-order on most sites.

I am sure heavengifts.com is not super excited about this outcome and I wish I could say something positive. But so far, this is a big disappointment. It did wick good, the tank is nice, but this side taste is a no-go. Sorry for that boys and girls.

Of course I will update in case something changes here. My advice so far: Please wait for more reviews before you buy, maybe they (will) fix this issue.

Wotofo Serpent Box / Serpent Mini Sub / Conqueror mini / IJOY Exo S

Let me do a quick summary about some stuff I went through in the last few weeks from heavengifts.com:

– The Wotofo Serpent Box with the Serpent Mini Sub
– The IJOY Exo S
– The Wotofo Conqueror Mini

Serpent Box with the Serpent Mini Sub

The Boxmod itself is a little 50W Box with an integrated 2000mAh LiPo supporting Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel and TCR mode (and VW of course :D). Everything over 23mm will overhang – but no one wants to use a bigger tank on this device anyway. Everything that you would expect from it did work pretty fine – fires right away, switching the different modes is easy, you can lock the buttons, switch the screen orientation and such stuff. Ohm reading were accurate enough too.

All in all, I would _not_ recommend this box. Why? I do not get why one would build such a small box in such an awkward shape and in addition the edges are pretty sharp which makes to box very uncomfortable. At least for me :). It is small when you look at it, but as soon as it is in your hand – a reuleaux rx200 feels more comfortable. It is very lightweight but does not make up for the shape in my opinion :). As you can see in this reddit review here – other ppl are highly excited.. so let’s agree that opinions can differ a lot 😉

Having the Serpent Mini Sub on top in this Kit does not improve the overall experience a lot. I like the Serpent mini RTA version – the Subtank version is compatible with the Kangertech SSOCC coils. This is one the one hand a big pro since they are readily available and lots of people like them – I am not one of these and was never before. The horizontal OCC ones were good – I never got warm with the SSOCC. Flavor isn’t very intense – the required wattage to get these coils work best does fit perfect to the 50W serpent box. Other than the coil – where you might be a fan off – the tank is in wotofo-style well build and a nice addition to your kangertech collection.

Take a look here at heavengifts.com!


The Exo S is the smalles brother of the recently released EXOs. They say it can handle MTL and DL .. I only did DL and don’t see this anywhere in the MTL area with the cloudzbro coils included. It comes with a quad coil which goes up to 100W and a single coil up to 80W. Good news here: It is compatible with the TFV8 Baby Beast. A problem I had was that I could not get the top cap off after the first refill. I had to disassemble it completely and use pliers.. I hope I was just unlucky here. Flavor was pretty underwhelming for me. The quad coil does produce big clouds and the flavor that is there was good – just not a lot of it. Fully open, this tank is very very airy. All in all not a bad tank – it seems I am over prebuilds.

Take a look here at heavengifts.com!

Wotofo Conqueror Mini

The star of this show. I was (and I still am) really impressed with this one. Awesome flavor (on par with my beloved Moonshot), dense and saturated vapor, easy to build on and I hit the perfect wicking on the first try. At first you think it will start to leak – that’s how saturated the vape is all the time. But it doesn’t, not a single drop. Good machining – the post screws make me worry a bit since they are made out of butter. I will see if they still work on my next build. They did do their job on my build and I will report in if they still hold up on the second one. Go for this one!

Take a look here at heavengifts.com!

Best vapemail day ever // SXmini Qmini & LV Therion black

Sooo excited. Got my Yihi SXmini Qmini in black (currently $160.99 here) and the black LostVape Therion DNA166 with snake leather today (silver version is $119.95 here).

Build quality of the Qmini is incredibly good, and it fires instant at full power. Thought I know what instant firing means, but this one takes it to the next level 🙂  Will use it in my current rotation now and keep an eye open for the ferrari red one…

Vapemail: Wotofo Serpent Kit, Conqueror Mini, IJOY Exo S

Got some stuff in to take a look at – thanks to Heavengifts!

Giveaway! IJOY Combo RDTA & IJOY Maxo Quad

Haven’t had a Giveaway in a while so let’s do one!
Big thanks to Gearbest for sponsoring this. Up for grabs:

Running until Friday, January 6th 2017, 23:59 (UTC)

To participate, like this post on Facebook, like my Facebook page and please share the post!

In case you do not have a Facebook account, just let me know you want to participate via mail to review@daisychainvaper.com.

Closed Systems Part I: Kimree/Kimsun Air 10 (or Slim 2)

Kimsun was so kind to provide one of their closed system devices to take a look at. They offer the Slim 2 (2ml pods) and the Air 10 (with 10ml pods). I was using the Air 10 for the last couple of weeks in my rotation.

The Pod is powered by a 0.25 Titanium Coil in Temperature Control mode sitting on an internal 1700mAh rechargeable battery (status indicator via 5 leds on the side). Give the low power consumption, the 1700mAh will easily last you a day or two. The temperatur is non-adjustable but is neither on the hot nor on the cold side and set to 530°F. The zinc-alloy construction pushes it on the heavier side for its side, but with around 140g it is still comfortable especially because of the rounded shape it fits nice in the palm. The pod is held via magnets in place – and these magnets are strong. With strong I mean really strong – no way that it removes itself accidently.

I wish the inlets of the u-turn airflow would be on a different place. When grabbing this one I always block it with my index finger. Airflow is a restricted lung hit – almost like a Kayfun 5. Mouth to lung is possible but for a smoker wanting try the switch, the airflow is pretty open and more comfortable for direct lung hits.

They offer a wide range of flavor options, from tabacco over strawberry to banana and whiskey flavor. Unfortunately it seems that not every flavor is available in every strength which is a bummer. I hope they’ll change that. My choice was the banana one which wasn’t a wise one. Hitting a banana flavor on point is not an easy task and there is only a handful of vapeable banana flavors out there. The one provided is almost like a tobacco banana one – and I am over tobacco flavors already 🙂

Good news here: There are refillable pods for the Air 10 and Slim 2 available in case you can not find anything that suits your needs. From the looks the Air 10 isn’t my turf, the Slim 2 does look pretty neat though!

Most important for all these closed systems: I never had any leakage nor a dry hit – both would be an instant deal breaker.

All in all this is a hassle free and good working closed system with its flaws in terms of non-adjustable airflow.

Manufacturer details on the Air 10 can be found here and here for the Slim 2.

Closed Systems

There are lots of closed systems on the market already, and whilst I wasn’t a big fan of them (especially because the liquid pods tend to be really expensive) – I do get the idea behind it. Some of my friends want to stop smoking but don’t want to fiddle around with priming and changing coils, refilling a.s.o. They just want to stop smoking and switch to a healthier alternative.

Closed systems are a hassle free and easy alternative. Put in the liquid pod and start vaping. When empty, remove and plug in the next one. No coils to have an eye on, no refilling. Plug in and go.

A downside with most of the closed systems is that you have to live with the given flavor range. If the liquids does not suit your preferred flavor style, you are pretty much fu**ed. You can crack open most of them and refill / rewick them, but that wasn’t the original intention of the closed systems.

Here are the devices I will take look or at least try to get in my hands:

Kimree/Kimsun Slim 2 / Air 10  (have the Air 10 already here)
My. VON ERL  (on the way to my place)
JUUL (US only 🙁 )
Vape Forward Cync (broad liquid pod range!)
Wismec/Myvapors MyJet (semi-closed system)

First impressions: Mage GTA – IJOY Maxo

Thanks to Gearbest, I did spend some time with the CoilArt Mage GTA ($20.68) and the IJOY Maxo Quad ($44.62).

The Mage GTA looks pretty dope, is very easy to build on and the flavor is stellar. But there is one thing that makes this atty unusable for me: It does not wick. Not at all. The clearance between the chamber and the glass does not let any juice through if is is higher than 75VG (rest PG). I did dremel some slits in the chamber and it works better now (see picture), nonetheless it is really disappointing. I hope that they will make a 25mm version – would be a dope single coiler.

The IJOY Maxo Quad is naturally a huge and heavy mod. It does not feel very high-class but comes with lots of customizations options for the side stickers which is nice. The display is crystal clear and really good and easy readable. One big con here for me: The battery door bulges out when 18650s are inserted. Will do a pic later. Not sure if the 30qs are a tad longer than others but this does not look good at all. For battery life, the Maxo is killer of course – especially with 4*3000mAh cells!

Vapemail! IJOY stuff, Mage GTA

This package “steeped” for a while at customs but finally I got it today. Big thanks to Gearbest for sending this over to take a look!

The Combo RDTA will go into a giveaway soon, but beforehand I’ll try to do a side-by-side comparison with the Limitless classic since they are very similar. Also curious how the Mage GTA will perform since people are complaining because of lack of clearance between the glass and the barrel. The Maxo is just a big boy but might be a good one for at home with 4 cells :). Didn’t know it comes with so many stickers for the sides to adapt it to your preferred looks. And they seem to be actually 3M stickers.

Will keep you posted.

Best of 2016 – Part I

Inevitably there will be a bunch of reviews summing up the last year with a best of list.  Actually a good one has been released by MikeVapes. I am not a huge fan of his reviews but he sums it up pretty good and is close to my list (if I had to do one 😉 ). Take a look below.

Without a specific ranking, here are some of my highlights this year. Prices aren’t the best ones, just to get the idea for now. Keep following the blog for good deals 😉

Handcheck: SOI Proto RTA / Praxis Banshee

Nothing special going on today, so just posting a handcheck. I’ve just realized that I have the SOI Proto RTA ($27.09) laying around and never tried it so far. If you are looking for a UD Bellus ($19.84 here) with an awkward build deck, this is the RTA you are looking for. Be sure that the wicks are cut short and bend straight up – otherwise it will leak. So far it works fine for me, flavor is good, wicking too but only used it for half a tank so give me a few more hours with it.

The RTA is sitting on the Praxis Banshee ($42.06 after coupon code MAP). Still like this thing purely for its nice display 🙂

Potato pic:

Vapemail: SMOK Alien in orange – that took a while

I might be the last one to receive his SMOK Alien but here it is.. in orange. I guess every vaper has one now or at least preordered, right? Available here for $49.65 (still preorder!) or ships in some colors within 24 hours here.

Battery door is super strong, other than that there are no complaints.. but only 14 puffs so far 😀 To be continued…

Update: Dang it, I was really hoping I can start a rant on an overhyped mod, but so far it is gorgeous. Shape is nearly identical to the Sigelei 213, a few mm shorter but with a better fire button/bar and a better display. Though the Alien is about 25-30g heavier.


Vapemail: PraxisVapors Banshee – $42.06

Got my PraxisVapors Banshee ($42.06 after coupon code MAP) from customs today  and I am excited as GrimmGreen is in his review. It is a pretty lightweight mod and I love the looks of this unique LED display so much. The rubbery finish feels very nice and it fires instantly. Not a lot to complain so far. Of course the battery meter isn’t very accurate and my ohm reading is between 0.37 and 0.40 jumping around – so this will not be the most accurate in TC. Using a 25mm atty on it so maybe this is the reason.

I just ordered the grey one too – really impressed and a happy camper 🙂 Take a look if you want a simple mod!


OBS Engine – indeed a good RTA

I am using my OBS Engine for a week now and have to say that the hype is real.

Flavor wise it is for sure not the best tank out there, but for a top airflow RTA, it is pretty decent. Building on it is super easy and it wicks like a champ. 80-85W are not a problem at all (6 wrap 26/32 kanthal claptons). I did not tuck down the wicks through the holes, the cotton is just laying on the feeding holes under the coil. Of course no leakage at all, also no spitback. It drinks juice, but that’s not uncommon for this type of tanks. I do not see this as a con. 80W.. what do you expect? 😀

So far, it is definitely in my Top 5 tanks, maybe even Top 3. For around $20 – go for it. Worth a try imho!

It is currently in a flash sale for $19.93 or $21.67 here- take a look!

Noisy Cricket II in the house – $25.43!

Finally my Wismec Noisy Cricket II passed customs and I have it in my hands. There is a flash sale running for the silver version for only $25.43 – highly recommended for this price.

Upfront two cons: The potentiometer is indeed pretty hard to dial, the other con is in my opinion the fire button. A gentle push is enough and it starts to fire. This means you really have to be careful when picking up the mod or lay it down somewhere. You definitely can not put it in your pocket without the 5 clicks.

Other than that: What a great piece for only $25. Series, Parallel, Regulated, all in one pretty small and handy mod! I will go for the black one too that has been listed for $28.89 today.

SMOANT Battlestar – $36.01 and a first look

Gearbest was so kind and sent me over a SMOANT Battlestar to take a look ($36.01 in a flash sale!)

I used it the whole day today and it is really fine so far (only power mode used). The button in rattling when you shake it, the display isn’t as beautiful as the RX series but the big pro is the battery door compared to the RX2/3 and the 510 seems to have more travel and will hold up better.

That squeeeeky yellow and black isn’t my thing though but there are other color options 😉

Sled looks similar to the RX2/3 (which is a pro), door fits very good with strong magnets. Also it is more on the lightweight side (compared with other bricks 😉 ). Will post an update in a few days.