Aqua Reboot RTA @2F for $27.99 // iPV Trantor 200W – $59.99

As announced a few days ago, 2F has the Aqua Reboot now listed, starting at $27.99 in all 3 colorways. It’s love at second sight. I did not use enough cotton the first time and had a pretty spity experience. You have to use quite a bit more compared to the Manta for example. It wicks glorious, flavor is top notch, quality is good too. Nothing groundbreaking but for me a strong buy at around $30. There are a lot worse RTAs out there 😉

Also new: The Pioneer4You iPV Trantor 200W with the YiHi SX500A chip is $59.99. Not a fan of the recent P4Y designs though.

Hugo Vapor Rader – camo green – $49.99 // some pros and cons

The Hugo Vapor Rader is now available in a new color option (camo green) for $49.99. Some good and some bad news about this mod: The shape is great, fit an finish is very good and I love the weight. The bad? About once a day (so about once per battery load) it stops firing and only the button gets hot when you push it. Take out the cells and reinsert them and everything is fine again. Not sure if this is a safety relevant thing but it does not sound good.

Apart from that, I really like it. Battery efficiency could be a bit better but I need to investigate this since my 30Qs aren’t the newest ones..

As an alternative, I still highly recommend the Tesla WYE ($45.90 here).

Envii Loch Ness – $65.99 // Envii Yeti RDA – $30.99

New listing for a good price: The Envii Loch Ness is $65.99 in black or blue here! Still love mine and have not found a single flaw so far. Feels great in the hand, fires instantly, preheat option, clicky fire button… Highly recommended! I am on the fence to buy the blue one too.

Also new, the matchy matchy Envii Yeti RDA for $30.99 in black or silver.

Joyetech Atopack Penguin 50W – impressive!

Got my Joyetech Atopack Penguin 50W AIO device today ($23.58 in a flash sale here or $24.95 here) and I am really impressed. It is a plastic box and does not feel high end at all, but it is lighweight and the included DL coil performs great for such a little device. 8.8ml should last nearly a day for me too – definitely going to get another one! No problem with 80VG either so far.

Voopoo DRAG – $39.99 – very nice so far!

Thanks to Gearbest, I got my Voopoo DRAG ($39.99) a few days ago.

So far it is not poo at all. No doorplay, no gaps, clicky buttons, looks well made, fires instantly, good display, 1W increments. A winner so far but will use it for a few weeks and see how this develops. 24mm Atomizers have a small overhang, that’s the only bummer.

Desire Rabies RDA – $25.42 sent me the Desire Rabies RDA a while ago and ever since then I used it in my rotation for flavor testing.

It seems like weird names are in fashion in China – looking at Cigpet, Voopoo and Rabies. The previous RDA from Desire was named MadDog, so Rabies makes actually sense :). Many many people were raving about the great flavor from the MadDog so I was really curious how the Rabies will perform.

The Desire Rabies is an aluminum/magnesium alloy 24mm RDA (very lightweight) that comes in Red, Gold or Black. Included are three complete sets of screws – so you can choose between hex, phillips or slotted (totally up to you). The deck is gold plated which I am not a fan off, but so far it holds up well.

The 510 threading itself is very long to hold an ultem (?) insulator plate to keep the heat off the mod. Nice idea! Would be great to see this on other Atomizers. The post design is somehow similar to the Recoil RDA. The negative posts are raised which makes it easier to stuff the cotton in the juice well. Post holes are big enough for every build you might like to put in there but still can take simple round wire builds.

Also the airflow has an funny angle like snake teeth but sideways and not upwards like the Recoil. The airflow holes on each side have a separator on the deck to work individually. The bummer is: If you want to close of one hole, you should reposition your coil, otherwise the airflow will hit only one side – and that kills the flavor quite a bit. But if you do the position right, this RDA is awesome. There is no way to do a single coil configuration on this one.

O-Ring tolerance is great – a bit tight at first but perfect tension after they juiced up a bit – and the airflow is perfectly smooth. One thing you don’t want to do on this RDA is overdripping. You need to be pretty careful, otherwise the juice will come out right back of the airholes. Drip right in the middle to stay away from them. Also move your cotton to the side to not block the airholes in any way.

Another big pro: The Rabies RDA is compatible with Goon/Kennedy/810 drip tips.

It is available for $25.42 after coupon code AHG15 at!

The Sherman RTA – authentic versus Kindbright clone!

I’ve just received the Kindbright Sherman RTA clone ($22.95 here or $21.84 here) and took a quick look and some pictures. Be aware, the pictures are a bit potato and I have not vaped on it, but I think I have some valuable input on the differences. Some quickies:

The packaging is different. The Kindbright one is shorter and smaller in diameter. The package contents are the same: Atty, 2 PEI tanks, long and short chimney, spares. (Authentic on the left):

The machining on the top cap is very close, but a bit more marks on the clone. The threading is crunchy in the last part, but this might go away. The top caps are interchangeable (Authentic on the left):

The chimney part seems to be interchangeable at first, but the one from the clone does not fully thread on the authentic, so nope, the chimneys aren’t compatible. Machining on the decks seems to be very close to the authentic, I can not investigate fully since I do not want to remove the beautiful 4mm coils :). The edges are a tiny bit sharper on the clone, but not really worrisome. Noticeable difference: The airflow holes are a fraction of a mm smaller and slightly misaligned (UPDATE: My airflow ring was assembled the wrong way round – it is perfect now. No misalignment. Changed the orings too = perfect!) (Authentic on the left):

Top view:

Engravings on the bottom are very close but different when looking closely (Authentic on the left):

The PEI tanks have a different color, the clone one has a smoother finish actually! (Authentic on the left):

What is really annoying on the clone has already been said in other reviews: The airflow ring is pretty loose (can be fixed by popping of the bottom of the base and changing the orings), same is true for the orings around the tank section. The PEI tank actually spins and the orings are too loose here too. So I will change them all. Would have been an easy fix in the factory, not sure why Kindbright did not fix that.

All in all, this seems to be a great clone for only around $23! It is not 1:1, more like 1:0.9. Not sure if the Vapeasy version is even closer – but it does not come with the PEI tanks. I might get the Vapeasy too to see if it’s done in the same factory. The authentic one is around $90 (look here, great service and shop).

I love the authentic one and bought a second one, but do understand that you prefer to pay only $23 for the clone and will get most likely the same vape (will throw a build on it soon). Up to you 😉

Will do a follow up of course, this was just a very quick first look.

Goon 24 Titanium clone – $17.63

Just got the Goon 25 titanium clone in ($17.63 here) a few minutes ago and here are my very (very!) first impressions compared to the authentic non-titanium:

  • it is lightweight, so might be titanium
  •  quality seems good and well machined
  • most obvious difference to the authentic: The insulator is just around the bottom of the positive post and does not go up on the sides. There is half a mm gap between the post and the side of the rda, so pretty close but not shorting out out of the box
  • o-rings are tight but in a good way
  • bevel on the post plates look a bit different
  • engraving on the barrel is deeper/thicker compared to the auth
  • serial number and engraving on the bottom is similar but different if you see it next to an auth 

    For the price it does not seem to be a bad deal. Will throw a build in in the next few days.


Cigpet ECO 12 – a whole lot of everything was once again so kind and sent over some stuff, this time the Cigpet Eco 12 Subohm tank. On the first looks you see that this one is here to compete with the recent influx of high wattage tanks like the SMOK TFV12 (and many other – nearly every manufacturer has a tank that performs over 200W already.)

Cigpet is a bit of a funny name and actually they are a subsidiary company of IJOY so they aren’t new at building tanks.

The ECO 12 comes with 2 prebuilt coils in the package, one is the Q4 0.15 ohm (60-180W) and the T12 0.12 ohm (60-threefifty!). They even have a T16 coil that can go up to 400 aaand what should be included in this package (but you have to buy it separately): The great looking RTA deck.

Of course you get some more o-rings (coloured), extra glass and also included is a nice resin drip tip. Random color though so you might be lucky and get a great one or one that you aren’t a fan of, but all in all, I like that they included a resin one. Luckily the also include a very tight fitting 510 drip tip adapter. I can not imagine that it is a pleasure to vape 200 Watts through a 510 drip tip but that might be just me 😉

Broken down tank:

Diameter is 26mm at the base and it bulges out to 28mm. Bulging out tanks with a bit smaller bases seems to be the new trend too and I actually like the looks of it. Also it is available in either Silver, Black or Rainbow. I did get the Rainbow and I heard there are Rainbow fans out there (which I am not).

To provide the massive coils with enough airflow, you have huge (HUGE) airflow slots at the base – adjustable but no clicky clicky and no stopper – and you can easily watch your favorite Netflix series on your 50 inch TV by looking through the airflow slots. Also the kidney holes for the top fill are pretty big.

So after all the sizes and specs, here is some good news about the coils: They are fully compatible with the ones from the TFV12. Clever move here ladies and gents. The included Cigpet coils are great – so I do not see a reason to use the TFV12 ones. The T12 is actually 6 dual fused clapton coils – so they call it T12.

What was really suprising is that you have near to no break in time or taste. Prime it, fill it and you can start vaping without having the horrible side taste for a tank like it is on most subohm clearos. I did start at 70W but the tank did laugh at me at this wattage. Bumping it up to 120W made it a lot better but the T12 coil actually start to shine at 160-180W. Personally I wouldn’t go higher. The coil could actually handle it and wicking is not an issue at all – but it just gets too hot. Flavor is much better than expected, but thats no wonder with the liquid consumption.

What reviewers stated for other high wattage tanks is true for this one too: If you like 3mg, you should go for 1.5mg for this tank. I had a pretty big nicbuzz after a few toots and had to make a break for a few hours. So if you love a quick nic shot – this is the right tank for you.

A bit of a bummer that I do not have the RTA deck at hand but I have the ECO RDA which has the same inverted L post setup, so I will take a look at this one too.

Another thing I noticed: There is not only no leaking, I had near zero condensation in the base – even after 2 tanks and a full tank sitting overnight. The coils kept everything where it belongs to and base was bone dry.

All in all this is a great high wattage cloudzbro tank if you are into these type of atomizers. Not a single complaint about the build quality, coils are great, but the wattage needed is ridiculous. For a quick nic shot in your face this is good, for me vaping all day, I prefer the 60-80 Watt range.

Interested? Price is pretty affordable: You can get it at for $33.90 and use the 15% off coupon code AHG15!


OBS Engine Sub – from zero to hero (?)

Back again on this topic: was so kind to send over the new OBS Engine SUB (prebuilt coils) to take a look at. While the tank itself has all the characteristics from the RTA brother, the included notch coils were unvapeable as stated earlier here.

After contacting they confirmed that there are some problems with the preproduction coils and promised to send over some new coils as soon as they’re available. Fast forward a few weeks: OBS switched from notch coils to clapton coils and it was a wise idea to do so. The off taste is gone completely, there is near to no break in on the coils and they vape fine at 70-80W. The 0.3 ohm coils are specified to work between 50-100W and best at 65-85W which is pretty accurate, at least for 80VG juice.

Here is a comparison pic, the old (notch) coil on the left, the new (clapton) coil to the right:

The coils wick great but they are also on the wet side – I did not have any noticeable spitback but can image that you might run into troubles with higher PG juice because the coils might overwick and shoot some juice in your mouth. Even after letting the tank sit full for a few days, I did not get an unpleasent hit the first time – so no complaints from my side.

The rest of the party is pretty well known: Top side filling that can be a bit messy when closing it, top airflow that mutes the flavor a bit but the OBS version is for me still the best out there (for the Sub and RTA), 25mm diameter or 23mm in the mini version, 5.3 or 3.5ml fill volume.

If you are into subohm clearos and want a leak resistant cloud machine, take a look at this one. It is available for around $30 in silver and black and 25mm and 23mm at – you can use coupon code AHG15 for 15% off!

Vapemail: Augvape Merlin RDTA – $20.05

Just got my Augvape Merlin RDTA in today – available for $20.05 here after coupon code GBECIG or $21.71 here. It says still preorder but somehow shipped a few weeks ago already for me…

This one is a bit like a cloudzbro version of the Cthulhu Gaia. Huge post holes, a lot of space for cotton and a noticeable bigger airflow slot. I had to go for 3.5mm fused clapton coils – I do not see this working with smaller builds or just round wire. You end up with lots of clouds, good flavor but not as crisp as it is with the Gaia. Will do a follow up in a few days.

CthulhuMod Gaia RDTA – best RDTA I had so far – $27.37

Weeks ago CthulhuMod sent me the Gaia RDTA for a review. I did not have high expectations for it and ignored it for a week. Finally I threw a build in it and was heavily impressed!

It is a 2ml RDTA, squonk friendly, dual coil, adjustable bottom airflow and side airflow. I am running it with the side airflow completely closed. The bottom one gives a slightly restricted draw with top notch flavor. I mean – really really intense flavor. You can fill it via a hole between the posts which is pretty convenient.

It has been listed today for $27.37 in silver or $29.12 in black! I did buy the black one of the manufacturers’ site already (for more $ of course) – it is that good.

Highly recommended in my opinion and worth a look.

Vapemail: Wotofo The Troll RTA – $24.75

Look who sneaked out before CNY and arrived today: The Wotofo The Troll RTA – available here for $24.75 or here for $23.99.

Whoever at Wotofo thought it is a great idea to use philips head grub screws is wrong – they aren’t. They work so far but I can feel them wearing out already. Other than that you need to have some space between the insulator and your coils – especially when dry firing. Do not overdo it or you have a burnt insulator (but it is a peek one, so you can abuse it a bit. It won’t burn right away).

The flavor is right on point, it wicks great, airflow is nice. Pretty happy so far – will update after I’ve gone through a few tanks. It guzzles juice of course…

OBS Engine Sub – awful :( (updated inside)

**UPDATE: Vapin heathen just commented on instagram that he heard they are updating the coils and mine are indeed pre-production versions – so there is hope :)**

I am a big fan of the OBS Engine RTA version and have it in all colors and sizes. So I was excited when was so kind to send me the Sub versions with prebuilt coils to take a look. A few days later I got the regular version and the mini version delivered.

Inside the package is the tank with a preinstalled coil, a spare glass and a spare coil. These coils are some pretty big notch coils (big inner diameter) at 0.2 ohms meant to be vaped between 40 and 100 watts.

I did not feel comfortable posting my first impressions since the coils had an awful off taste and similar to other prebuilts, I was hoping that this goes away after a few puffs. But no.. it was still there and nearly unvapeable. After cleaning the whole tank thoroughly, rinsing with Isopropanol, cleaning it again and using a new coil – same result. I managed to go through a full tank of 5 mls and the horrible taste was still there. Just to triple check: same result with the coils from the other package.

Last resort: I did disassemble the coil completely afterwards to see if there are hot spots or if I can see burnt marks anywhere, but no: see for yourself:

I will vape the tanks forward to a friend to get a second opinion here. Also I contacted OBS to ask if there are different revisions or something like that. Maybe I got a pre-production model since it is still on pre-order on most sites.

I am sure is not super excited about this outcome and I wish I could say something positive. But so far, this is a big disappointment. It did wick good, the tank is nice, but this side taste is a no-go. Sorry for that boys and girls.

Of course I will update in case something changes here. My advice so far: Please wait for more reviews before you buy, maybe they (will) fix this issue.

Wotofo Serpent Box / Serpent Mini Sub / Conqueror mini / IJOY Exo S

Let me do a quick summary about some stuff I went through in the last few weeks from

– The Wotofo Serpent Box with the Serpent Mini Sub
– The IJOY Exo S
– The Wotofo Conqueror Mini

Serpent Box with the Serpent Mini Sub

The Boxmod itself is a little 50W Box with an integrated 2000mAh LiPo supporting Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel and TCR mode (and VW of course :D). Everything over 23mm will overhang – but no one wants to use a bigger tank on this device anyway. Everything that you would expect from it did work pretty fine – fires right away, switching the different modes is easy, you can lock the buttons, switch the screen orientation and such stuff. Ohm reading were accurate enough too.

All in all, I would _not_ recommend this box. Why? I do not get why one would build such a small box in such an awkward shape and in addition the edges are pretty sharp which makes to box very uncomfortable. At least for me :). It is small when you look at it, but as soon as it is in your hand – a reuleaux rx200 feels more comfortable. It is very lightweight but does not make up for the shape in my opinion :). As you can see in this reddit review here – other ppl are highly excited.. so let’s agree that opinions can differ a lot 😉

Having the Serpent Mini Sub on top in this Kit does not improve the overall experience a lot. I like the Serpent mini RTA version – the Subtank version is compatible with the Kangertech SSOCC coils. This is one the one hand a big pro since they are readily available and lots of people like them – I am not one of these and was never before. The horizontal OCC ones were good – I never got warm with the SSOCC. Flavor isn’t very intense – the required wattage to get these coils work best does fit perfect to the 50W serpent box. Other than the coil – where you might be a fan off – the tank is in wotofo-style well build and a nice addition to your kangertech collection.

Take a look here at!


The Exo S is the smalles brother of the recently released EXOs. They say it can handle MTL and DL .. I only did DL and don’t see this anywhere in the MTL area with the cloudzbro coils included. It comes with a quad coil which goes up to 100W and a single coil up to 80W. Good news here: It is compatible with the TFV8 Baby Beast. A problem I had was that I could not get the top cap off after the first refill. I had to disassemble it completely and use pliers.. I hope I was just unlucky here. Flavor was pretty underwhelming for me. The quad coil does produce big clouds and the flavor that is there was good – just not a lot of it. Fully open, this tank is very very airy. All in all not a bad tank – it seems I am over prebuilds.

Take a look here at!

Wotofo Conqueror Mini

The star of this show. I was (and I still am) really impressed with this one. Awesome flavor (on par with my beloved Moonshot), dense and saturated vapor, easy to build on and I hit the perfect wicking on the first try. At first you think it will start to leak – that’s how saturated the vape is all the time. But it doesn’t, not a single drop. Good machining – the post screws make me worry a bit since they are made out of butter. I will see if they still work on my next build. They did do their job on my build and I will report in if they still hold up on the second one. Go for this one!

Take a look here at!

Best vapemail day ever // SXmini Qmini & LV Therion black

Sooo excited. Got my Yihi SXmini Qmini in black (currently $160.99 here) and the black LostVape Therion DNA166 with snake leather today (silver version is $119.95 here).

Build quality of the Qmini is incredibly good, and it fires instant at full power. Thought I know what instant firing means, but this one takes it to the next level 🙂  Will use it in my current rotation now and keep an eye open for the ferrari red one…

Vapemail: Wotofo Serpent Kit, Conqueror Mini, IJOY Exo S

Got some stuff in to take a look at – thanks to Heavengifts!