Joeytech Batpack with AA Batteries from Cloumix

Hello dear ones,

on Monday I received a shipment from containing the Batpack from Joeytech. The first impression of the small part. It’s really handy and cute πŸ˜›

Includes two rechargeable AA batteries and 2 Coils. The Atomizer can be operated either as MTL or DTL (with resistor). The Airflow is not adjustable. The capacity is just under 2ml. But what really fascinated me is the fact that the small part tastes really enchantingly good. I didn’t expect it to be like this. The outer diameter is 16mm.

Brand: Joyetech
Product Name: Joyetech Batpack Dual AA 1.85V Box Mod with Joye ECO D16 2ml Tank and BFHN 0.5ohm Head
Type: Starter Kit/ Vape Kit
Color: Gold, Dazzling, Green, Red/Gold, Black/Blue, Dark Blue/Pink

Joyetech Batpack with Joye ECO D16 Kit is the first vaporizer using the AA batteries which have been a long accepted safe power source. Adopted the ECO technology, you’re estimated achieve about 800 puffs with two 2000mAh rechargeable AA Ni-MH batteries and 150 puffs with disposable normal AA batteries. Working with the BFHN 0.5ohm head that is optimized for high nicotine, the Joye ECO D16 will deliver you the incredibly ultimate enjoyment. Besides, with the compact size, elegant appearance and convenient top filling design, the kit provides you amazing vaping experience.

Size: 112.5*37.00*18.0mm
Weight: 88.0g
E-liquid capacity: 2.0ml
Applicable head: BFHN 0.5ohm head
Applicable battery: 2 * AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries/ normal AA batteries

➀ 1. Powered by dual AA/Ni-MH cells, you can buy them in the supermarket directly, very convenient.
➀ 2. Light weight and pocket sized, you can take it to anywhere.
➀ 3. The innovative and safe ECO technology provides approximately 800 puffs with two fully charged 2000mAh Avatar AA Ni-MH batteries and 150 puffs with disposable normal AA batteries.
➀ 4. Supporting 1.85V constant voltage output, it makes your battery last longer.
➀ 5. The BFHA 0.5ohm head is optimized for high nicotine, providing you the ultimate enjoyment.
➀ 6. Coming with two restricted airflow holes on the base of the mouthpiece, you will have a decent flavor.
➀ 7. Convenient top filling design avoids leaking problem.
➀ 8. You can charge the AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries via the special charger for AA Ni-MH batteries.

Packing List

βœ” 1 * Joyetech Batpack 1.85V Box Mod
βœ” 1 * Joye ECO D16 2ml Atomizer
βœ” 2 * AA Ni-MH Cells
βœ” 2 * BFHN 0.5ohm Head
βœ” 2 * Manual
βœ” 1 * Warranty Card
βœ” 2 * Warning Card
βœ” Spare Parts

You can get it HERE

Thanks to the Top Airflow, leaking is not an issue at all in this case either. A really great little device that disappears super in the shirt pocket or trouser pocket. For all who are looking for a device and don’t want to attract attention with it, this is a great thing πŸ™‚


Now enough written, let the pictures speak.

Vapecig VTX 200W APV VV/VW Temperature Control Mod – Black

Hello, ladies and gents,

today I’d like to introduce you to a mod. The VAPECIG VTX 200W

My first thoughts:

It is a lightweight, probably made of ABS and the surface is rubberized. Everything is processed very high quality. The buttons don’t shake and there’s no rustling. The battery poles are spring-loaded to ensure a good hold of the batteries. Now that talking about batteries

The mod is powered by 2×18650 batteries and outputs a maximum power of 200W. It is also possible to use different temperature modes for different materials.

The battery cover is fixed by 2 very strong magnets. The battery cover fits tightly and does not wobble. The small 0.9 inch display has a colourful design and offers all necessary information on the display.

The chip working in the housing is an IM200 chip. Time will show whether it is also useful in practice.

You can also charge the batteries in the mod since it has a balancer. With a maximum of 2A the batteries should be charged quickly if you are on the road and don’t have any batteries with you.

The 510 is fixed with 2 small Torx screws which makes it easy to remove and the box can be repaired quickly if necessary.

Short facts:

dimensions: 87*44*38mm
2*18650 batteries required

Modes: Watt, Ni, Ti, SS, Bypass (Mechlike), TCR adjustable
Battery balancer
0.9 inch TFT colour display
Upgradeable, short-circuit protection, overheating protection, reverse polarity protection, deep discharge and overcharge protection

Attys with 25mm sits perfect on it.

Where can you buy this mod? Experience after the pictures:)

If you liked the review then I am looking forward to your support. Visit us at FB “daisychainvaper”

Go grab it!

ShenRay VG V5s 23mm 316SS RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer 4.2ML – Black

On Saturday it was time again. The beautiful black VG V5s version of ShenRay has found its way to me. My first impression was for now. WOW. What a quality.

I really looked at the details and couldn’t find a place that was somehow badly worked or something like that. The Atty arrived here completely clean. Even the O-rings are perfect and do NOT need to be replaced.

You really get VERY MUCH for your money. This is still just a great Atty that tastes delicious and makes good clouds.

Now to the details:

4.2ml (with glass) and up to 8ml with the polycarbonate tank.
single coil
top filling
liquid control

Enough talk… let the pictures speak:)



Black Version

Silver Version

Gold Version

Additional Tankshield Black

Additional Tankshield + Drip Tip Silver



VG V5s Styled RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

FastTech got the VG V5s Styled Atomizer for $18.35. That’s a fantastic price. I think it might be the ShenRay Version because only Ulton and ShenRay cloned this thing. FastTech does not list any products from Ulton as far as I know.
So it can be 99.9% almost exclusively from ShenRay. At the price I find more than a good bargain.
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Top refilling system
  • 4.2ml capacity
  • Dual post build deck
  • Single coil configuration
  • Adjustable bottom airflow system
  • 510 threading connection
  • 23mm overall diameter


Here you can find it!

Sigelei Vcigo Moon Box 200W Box Mod + Sig-S RDA Kit, 2 x 18650, 22mm Diameter

The authentic Sigelei Vcigo Moon Box mod kit consists of Vcigo Moon Box 200W mod and Sig-S RDA.

The brand new Sigelei Vcigo Moon Box mod is very stylish with artistic pattern on the body. The plastic body feels smooth and is wrapped with tinplate. The Moon box is powered by 2 x 18650 batteries (not included) and is capable of outputting 200W of raw power.

The Sigelei Sig S RDA is a 22mm atty with superior build and quality. The build deck comes with triple post design, leaving plenty of space for coils and wicks. The side airflow hitting directly on the coil provides smooth and massive vapor and nice flavor.



Mod Only w/o RDA – Black

Mod and RDA – Black Kit

Mod and RDA – Orange Kit

Mod and RDA – Blue Kit



Soomook Hato K-One 238W – G-Class lookalike




Got some new Informations for you guys. Spring loaded connection which you could deep down to 5.5mm.




Woop woop…. Well, if that doesn’t even resemble the G-Class, then I don’t know

Seems to be of high quality, but it really does seem to do something good with the ceramic coating that has been applied from the outside. 32.5mm atomizers seem to fit on top of it without any problems (width of the mod is 32mm). So I’ll buy one, you too?

Go for it!

Ulton Mini V5

Today I want to share my impressions about the Ulton Mini V5 with you.

It arrived here with a lot of supplies. A Ulton shield, a PC tank and a Vg shield and some O Rings. The Quality is simply a dream. There is hardly anyone who can do that. I have two of these vaporizers here for you today.

One of them is original. The other not quite so πŸ˜‰

Which one of them could it be? Maybe Jieyan can start a raffle if you guess right?

I can recommend this Atomizer to you very much because it tastes good and is very well processed. No whistling and no screwing. As usual also in several variants. Links to this can be found here:


Gold Version

Silver Version

Black Version

Atty + Tube (Kit)


And yes, it comes with Logo πŸ˜‰


Ulton TD Ding Prime RDTA with Velocity Deck 24mm 8ml+ Rough/Smooth

Allright ladies and gentlemen,

I’d like to introduce you to a miracle of taste. It is called Ulton TD Prime Ding and has a diameter of 24mm. It has a filling volume of 8ml+ and has a Velocity Deck. The Coils can be attached very easily. How I find one of the best tasted Atomizer out there.

It is available in two versions. Once in Smooth and once in Rough. If you are also looking for good taste and decent clouds, then you are well served here.

Single and Dual Coil options are no Problem. Give this Atty a try.

Sorry about the dirty Coils. But this is the best proof that I also use it to give you the best reviews.

Rough/Textured Version

Smooth Version

Tube and Atty (Kit)

SR TAE 25mm 2/5ml – The eagle has landed

The Tilemahos Armed Eagle from ShenRay also found it’s way to me.

The quality and workmanship is without doubt very good. No bad smells, no sharp edges, a lot of accessories (for MTL) are included. You can use it for MTL or DTL. Also it is possible to Change the Airflowtubes without dismantle the whole Atomizer. So you can easily switch between MTL and DTL in just a few seconds. You can also use the Eagle as a Springomizer. The different air pins and the Plastic 510 Adapter are also included.

The Flavour is on Top, the Quality is top notch, the price is very nice… so.. what are you waiting for? πŸ™‚ Different Styles waiting for you.

Have a look at the pictures and visit the shop. He would surely be happy about your support!

Check it Out!





ShenRay VG V2.5 Stackingtube for 2×18650

Today an unexpected Vapemail came to me. I happily accepted the package and opened it immediately.

A ShenRay VG V2.5 Style Tube in 23mm with an extension sleeve was revealed to operate in stacking mode (2×18650).
There is a lot of quality on offer. Butter soft threads, excellent workmanship. You can argue about looking at that all by yourself. It’s like I always think it’s a matter of taste. With a 1 Ohm Coil in stacking mode with a reasonable single coil Atomizer, it’s a lot of fun. The tube is also available in black and gold. Here available e. g. in black in the German Warehouse.

Clearly recommended by me

Check it out! – German Warehouse (Black)

SS Version with VGv5s Atomizer