Wotofo Sapor for $12.73 later, or $15.99 now ;)

Just got my Wotofo Sapor and approved it as good. Machining is good, easy to build on. Raise your coils a bit and you get great flavor and plenty of airflow. Great thing: you can not overdrip on this atty. For the price a steal, so go for it.

Either buy at Fasttech for $12.73 (coupon code RMBBUST) or at 3FVape for $15.99 (in stock).

Both have closed until October 7th, and RMBBUST @ FT is only valid today!

Smowell Hatrick Topfill triple tank

Not really a deal but a tank that is definitely worth a closer look is the Smowell Hatrick ($29.99). It is somehow a direct competitor to the Smok TFV4 when it comes to cloud chasing with pre-made coils. Replacement coils are available for $17.62 (4 pcs).

Btw: Fasttech lowered the price for the single SMOK TFV4 to $18.67. Together with the coupon code RMBBUST (which should be still valid until end of the month) this is a great deal.

SXK Zero Mini – powered by Nebula @ GB for $45.34

Gearbest just listed the new SXK Zero Mini for $48.42, $45.34 after code “promoprogb”! It has the same chip as the SXK Nebula, supposedly with a newer software revision and a Ti and Ni preset. Nevertheless you can choose your desired TCR via the Menu for Stainless Steel wire for example. Great chip, great mod!

Vapemail! OneHitWonder back at home

See what I got today in the mail after a journey over the great Ocean. Some more OneHitWonder Eliquids! Already dripped heavily the MilkMan right after I got it as I am kind of addicted to it.

Currently you can use the coupon code “COTTON” to get a big bag of DRAGO Cotton with every order or the coupon code “ROCKET” to get a 15ml sampler of The Rocket Man. Free international shipping included when buying > 2 bottles.

Hexohm V3 splatter box ($43.78)

Oh man, just got my black Hexohm V3 from FT and now there are some in splatter look with matchy matchy buttons. $43.78 is a bit pricey, but in case this is the same manufacturer as my black one, they are great!

Update: Now available at Fasttech for $40.43 ($38.41 after RMBBUST). Somehow the red version has a black button here…

Update II: And now at 3FVape too! $39.99

What I know, these boxes are Storm boxes and not Hexohm as there is no V3 and only versions without display. Whatever.. for SEO reasons… Storm, Hexohm, Storm, Hexohm 😉