GeekVape Blade 235 – another listing and a review

Fasttech has the new color options for the GeekVape Blade 235W up now too. Not sure about the price yet since you can use coupon code MAP to bring down the price considerably. But it isn’t active yet (wait for a few hours…).

2FDeal has it now too for $38.99.

VapnFagan did a review on the Blade, take a look. That tray seems to be really tight and the mod likes to tip over πŸ™

Tesla WYEs for $31.99 / $35.99 – ADVKEN Manta RTA $19.99 (EU Warehouse!)

Haven’t had some coupon code from Gearbest in a while, so here we go:

PS: My GTRS VBOY is still in use every day and is flawless! Take a look for $65.99.

Fasttech: Some website upgrades (instant search feature)

Not a deal but worth a mention since the Fasttech website didn’t change at all in the last few years (and more and more features did break here and there πŸ™‚ ).

Fasttech has just released their instant search feature which makes it a lot easier to find your desired product. Take a look!