Eleaf iStick QC 200W – $37.31 or $49.90 with the Melo 300

This one might tick some boxes for you: The new Eleaf iStick QC 200 has an integrated 5000mAh cell, 200 Watts, takes up to 25mm attys (to sit flush) and can be used as a power bank – and is available in a variety of colors.

You can get it here standalone for $37.31, with the Melo300 in a kit for $54.08 – or at Vapesourcing.com in a Kit with the Melo for $49.90 (+ shipping).

Take a look:

Sanyo NC20700A and 20700B – $8.82 / $32.59 (4-pack)

It is happening: The Sanyo NC20700A (30A/3100mAh) and NC20700B (16A/4000mAh) cells are available for around $9 per cell (or cheaper in a 4 pack).

I am pretty sure we will see a switch to the 20700 form factor in the future, though this might still take a while. These cells are a very promising start. $9 is of course a lot more than the measly $4 you have to pay for the great performing Samsung 30Q.

For example the Boxer DNA167 is available in a 20700 version already.

Pioneer4You IPV D4 – $36.40 // VTC Mini – $29.90

China dealers are battling for every cent, so we have a new low (1 cent lower :D).
The Pioneer4You D4 80W in copper color is currently for $36.40 in a flash sale.

Always worth a look is the good old VTC Mini, now for $29.90 after coupon code VTCRU.

PS: In case you missed the flash sale you can use coupon code SBODY250W for the SBODY C2D1 to get the price to $103.99.

UWELL SE-1 – $17.95

This is a clearo I was waiting for month now – not sure if I’ll still buy it but it finally hit a store in China: The UWELL SE-1 is available for $17.95 in silver and black. There should be a matte black version too. It is a crossover between the Crown II and the Rafale (which is already discontinued). Should be a great performing Subtank!

Update: price updated to $17.95

Wotofo Serpent RDTA – $19.89 // SBODY C2D1 for $99.99?

Gearbest did wake up from their CNY sleep with a nice offer: The Wotofo Serpent RDTA is currently in a flash sale for $19.89 / €18.21! And it is in stock. (Instabuy for me).

They’d also offer the SBODY C2D1 for only $99.99 for a group buy – so please let me know if you are interested too see how many pieces we can get together! Edit: Just saw it is again in a flash sale for $100.55 – so no need for a group buy 🙂

RDTA Hypetrain: GeekVape Medusa RDTA for $18.28

I thought there are already plenty of RDTAs but there are even more coming: Next one on the train: The GeekVape Medusa RDTA for $18.28. Price is right on this one! I am eyeballing the Syntheticloud Alpine and have the Cthulhumod Gaia for a review already.

Also Wotofo releases the Serpent RDTA soon!

New arrivals: Wotofo Lush Plus RDA – $22.97 // KOF RDTA

Actually some more interesting new arrivals today compared to the last few boring days 🙂

Wotofo has a killstreak of nice products recently (looking at you Troll RTA and Conqueror mini)!